Neo-Trad Muse: Debo

There is a fantastic little piece on the Duchess of Devonshire (affectionately referred to as “Debo” in The New York Times this morning and I highly recommend it.  She is such a legend and is in so many ways the epitome of grace.  Something for younger generations like my own to aspire towards…

(Above, the Duchess photographed today by Andrew Testa.  Below, the Duchess when she was young)

8 comments on “Neo-Trad Muse: Debo

  1. kk

    greetings from vancouver
    i just want to say since last night i went thru your whole blog page by page….just finished it,whew! love it. when i got to the first of your wedding pictures i teared up like i know you. conrats!!
    very charming!!!

  2. Katie Armour Post author

    KK — Awww I nearly teared up reading you sweet message! Thank you for reading and being so kind. I’ve always wanted to visit Vancouver—how lucky you are! xx

  3. Patty Dark

    Required reading for Mitford fanatics; Jessica’s (Decca’s) memoir, “Hons and Rebels” (published in America as” Daughters and Rebels”) out of print but can be purchases on line; Nancy’s fictionalized account of the Mitford family and one of …the great comedic and romantic novels; “The Pursuit of Love” and “Love in a Cold Climate”; and for those that remember the character “The Bolter” in The Pursuit of Love” the recent non-fiction biography of the same name by Frances Osborne, who discovered that her great-grandmother, Idina Sackville, was the real Bolter (and member of the Isak Dineson, Out of Africa/Happy Valley set) Hard to believe that Debo was the “ordinary” Mitford sister. Politics and rebellion as style. Those were the days.

  4. Patty Dark

    Postscript: The Pursuit of Love was one of the featured mugs in your delightful April post of “Marvelous Mugs”

  5. Katie Armour Post author

    Patty — So many great book suggestions! I’ve yet to read any of Nancy Mitford’s work (tragic, I know!) and you’ve inspired me to pick up a copy of The Pursuit of Love this weekend!

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