Public Bikes

It’s Saturday and we’re headed out to dinner with friends, but I just had to share my newest crush: Public Bikes in San Francisco.  Their online shop has the cutest bicycles and accessories.  I still haven’t bought one for riding about our little island and I think I may have to make the splurge.  I’m in love.

10 comments on “Public Bikes

  1. ClaraAnne

    I’m still looking for a perfect bike too and I have to say, that pale blue is absolutely gorgeous. The stripey socks and yellow rainboots definitely caught my attention as well, its been raining non stop!

  2. Kit

    Love this post! I have requested a bike this spring (as an anniversary gift) the orange bike has totally made my short list!

    xo Kit

  3. pretty pink tulips

    I adore my Electra bike, complete with baskst and leather seat…but these look adorable. I wish I could have a fleet of bikes – one for each and every mood!

    Love your past few posts – already looking forward to Spring thanks to J. Crew!

    xo Elizabeth

  4. Shara

    I hope if you get the bike you let us know how it is! I haven’t ridden a bike in years, but I know it would be a great way to get around San Francisco. And I do live near one of the flattest streets, so I have also been dreaming about these Public Bikes!

  5. erin

    public rental bikes were add in Denver within the last year. What got the most press? Someone claiming that they promote Communism. Maybe they shouldn’t have chosen red bikes. so silly.

  6. Kirby

    you really should splurge on a bike. the first thing I’m going to buy once we move from NYC is a bike. what could be better for exploring our new neighborhood than on a bike with the wind in my hair!


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