Tennessee Sells Lemonade

Love this lookbook for the Rachel Antonoff collaboration with Bass Shoes.  Tennesee Thomas of the band The Like, stars in the campaign alongside a fluffy little kitten and lots of cute shoes.  When I was little I used to l-o-v-e setting up lemonade stands during the summertime, did you?

(via Refinery 29)

2 comments on “Tennessee Sells Lemonade

  1. Cate

    Rule #1 Ladies
    ALWAYS stop by a lemonade stand and buy lemonade.
    Even if you dump it out as soon as you turn the corner….
    Encourage the little entrepreneurs ! and it makes them so happy.

  2. Annabelle

    I went to high school with Tennesee in Los Angeles- she is such a nice girl and always has great taste!

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