Sparkling Spheres

Love these rings from the Sundance Catalog.  Their jewelry collection has some of the most lovely, organic designs.  Though the cocktail sized chalcedony is oh-so-glamorous, I’m personally not one for big rocks and the first and second are my favorites.  Which do you prefer—the understated or the statement piece?

19 comments on “Sparkling Spheres

  1. LAURA

    I stumbled onto your site a month or so ago (and several times a day since!) and just love tuning in to see what you’ll come up with next. This morning I am so excited to find the spotlight on these Sundance rings– I selected the chalcedony as my engagement ring just this summer & I love it!

  2. Lauren

    Oh, the second ring is absolutely stunning! I’m keeping the “Spot of Sparkle” in mind to suggest to a boyfriend when the time comes. I love simple yet stunning pieces of jewelry.

  3. Kit

    I LOVE rings…all sizes depending on my mood! I would say for precious stones I adore something dainty and elegant…however, I swoon for a big beautiful turquoise or shell ring ala Ippolita or Mesi Jilly.

    xo Kit

  4. Kirby

    I love the first one. pefect for everyday wearing. My mom is in the dental profession and has to wear those gross latex gloves so she doesn’t wear her wedding ring. just a simple band. something that doesn’t catch on the gloves would be a perfect band alternative to those ladies out there still looking for jewelry that they don’t have to take off all the time.


  5. Meg

    I love a big cocktail ring. What can I say? They look excellent next to my gimlets/Manhattans. (Depending on the season.)

  6. stephanie

    second one is my gorgeous pick. i’m actually on the hunt for a gold ring to wear on my wedding finger… just got to get the hubby to join me. =)

  7. Rachel

    I’m officially obsessed- I only wear gold jewelry and unusual rings are my signature! I love that lots of items on the site are under $100…. I thnk some of them are going to appear on my holiday list :)

  8. Elizabeth

    Beautiful rings! Loving the second one (as is everyone!). Thanks for sending us to the Sundance website– such great stuff.

  9. Jeanette Ashley

    Hi there Katie,
    I have been following your blog for a while now and I am completely in love though I believe this is my first comment!

    I’m pretty sure I need to thank you for finding my engagement ring for me! I have been looking for months and months mostly at vintage rings and while I love the vintage rings they were way out of our budget.

    I went and tried on the second ring above today and I’m 95% sure its the one! The other 5% of me still has my heart set on a vintage ring.

    Anways…Just wanted to say THANKS!

  10. Katie Armour Post author

    Jeanettte — I LOOOOOVE that ring. It is seriously drop dead gorgeous. What a lucky girl you are. Can’t wait to hear what you end up with : ) xoxoxo

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