Parisian Perfection

Sometimes I think it’s hard to find a photograph of Paris that’s truly unique in its loveliness—that manages to depart from the millions of cliches—and these prints by Alicia Block are a breath of fresh air.  Do you think she released that red balloon herself or just happened to be on the right street corner at the right moment?  Either way…I’m in love.

12 comments on “Parisian Perfection

  1. Brandi

    Katie, these photos make me want to pack up and jet off to Paris as soon as I can get a plane ticket. Sadly, I think my trip will have to wait at least a year or two. But right now, I’m in love with these photos.

  2. PJ

    For a second I was confused — In Google Reader, only the top photo was visible. I was thinking, “What red balloon is she talking about??” Glad I clicked through! I’m a long time fan of Alicia’s.

  3. caroline

    I think she captured the balloon at the right moment. Paris has such an amazing feel!!! And, these photos are making me excited for my trip in June!!! Hope all is lovely! xo

  4. Teresa

    I was in Paris two years ago and drove family crazy by stopping in every corner and take pics of everything.

    You could spend a day in a corner of a street amd not getting bored. Oh those balconies in ancient buildings :love:

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