Things We Love

Are you squealing yet?  I did all morning, trust me.  That’s right ladies, Kate Spade New York has published a new book based on our favorite ‘Things We Love’ web series.  They’re calling it “a compact inspiration board, recast in the form of a small book” and as you can see above, it’s positively brimming with charm.  This interview conducted by Pamela Williams with Deborah Lloyd (Spade’s Creative Director) and Ed Miller (the man for the job at Graytor Printing) is too much fun—a must read!  Let’s hope the book becomes available for sale soon—fingers crossed ladies!

(via Felt & Wire)

21 comments on “Things We Love

  1. Quintessence

    So funny – I tweeter about this this morning also!! Looks great doesn’t it? And loved the interview as well!!

  2. royaltygirl

    I woke up to this on twitter today and it made my day! I posted about it right away and now will just have to wait for the book to be for sale. The buzz on twitter is crazy! Everyone is so excited! Love love love!

  3. royaltygirl

    so what is the deal about ksny not making this book available for sale? They are making it avail. through “special promotions” what does that mean? Prob. that I won’t be able to get the book! Bummer.

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