15 comments on “Leopard Love

  1. Pam

    Oh that first picture is PERFECTION. As is the dress in the second shot.

    I should just turn my house payment over to J. Crew. It’d be easier that way.

  2. D. @ Outside Oslo

    What an amazing photo shoot that must have been! Even at just five months, imagine the strength that kitty must have. So sweet and precious, though, with the contrast between the delicate and sophisticated and the wild and strong.

  3. Cookie and Kate

    oh my, such striking images! i’m not a [domestic] cat person but aren’t wild cats gorgeous creatures? i’ll never forget the powerful yet graceful cats i saw at the San Diego zoo this summer. beautiful!

  4. Taylor

    no possible way to have TOO MUCH CREW….That first shot is tunning…could you imagine if that was one of your own wedding shots?! Her lipstick is great as well!

  5. Nikki

    I could totally be a pet person if I had this leopard. And it would match all my decor too! ha. How stunning. The second dress is so fab too.

  6. La Dolfina

    Hi Katie,
    Just popping over to say how fun it was to finally meet the real you :)
    Let’s grab lunch at Scolari’s soon!

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