Vintage Goods

Just stumbled across this wonderfully glamorous vintage lipstick ad on illustrator Dyna Moe’s Flickr page (Mr. Armour just got me her book of Mad Men illustrations!).  It’s from an old Playbill and its simple, chic line drawing caught my eye.  Sometimes I think understated things make the biggest statement, anyone agree?

6 comments on “Vintage Goods

  1. sylvie of silver lining

    this is marvelous, katie!
    while getting lost in londontown many moons ago i took a grueling, 4 hour fashion illustration course with a live model. it was just me & her {the other students dropped out after 1 week!} and my older and utterly elegant instructor. a massive sketchpad and charcoal was all i had…and taught me the joys of simple, elegant sketches. love!
    sylvie of silver lining

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