Chez Derian

This morning I came across these photos of decoupage artist John Derian’s Provincetown, Massachusetts home and instantly fell head over heels.  I so admire his refusal to gut the 18th century property in favor of preserving its original charm.  The wallpaper, textiles, artwork and furniture (much of which he designed himself) all compliment his handsome New England aesthetic.  Best of all?  The carriage house serves as a shop in summer months.  I think this calls for a pilgrimage!

19 comments on “Chez Derian

  1. geri

    what a delightful way to spend this evening, perusing john derian company! some great xmas gifts! thanks katie. you find the best of the best!!

  2. Lindsay

    Both of my parents grew up in Provincetown! They still live on the Cape so I try to get home as often as possible-especially in the summer! John’s shop is amazing, of course. Would we expect anything less? xo

  3. Jane Schott

    and then back to his place in NYC which has the same feel…remember the foyer walls covered in book pages? Love his attitude about things. I couldn’t do it, but ….

  4. Francisca

    I love the fact that he didn’t try to “modernize” the interior and left those parts that show the dept and age of the house. My mother is a superb interior designer and she also believes in the importance of maintaining things from the past and balancing those with the present. The house is absolutely beautiful. Thanks for sharing it. :)

  5. Champagne Maker

    UHHHH! Love it! We go to Mass. every summer…this is going on my to-do list. I have a John Darian trout platter that I adore…would love to see where he lives and what inspires. thanks for this!!

  6. ginnybranch stelling

    yes ma’am! this is my kind of interiors through and through! he has a pair of oversized folk art dice and a well-worn artist’s palette as artwork that i am dying to find my version of. yum! did you ever see his spread in martha a ways back?

  7. Ashley

    As if Provincetown couldn’t get more wonderful, John Derian sets up camp there. I hope someday to return and stop by his carriage house shop!

  8. Jenn @ LL4L

    I have never seen photos of this home but I love it! He is talented and I love stopping in his NYC store. I always find something to take home with me! Now I know where I need to go shopping next summer on the Cape!

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