DOTS Goes Glamping

For their latest photo shoot my adorable sponsors, Dressing on the Side, went “glamping” (that’s glamorous camping to you…) and the result is sweet as pie!  Their witty tees make for the most fun stocking stuffers—I personally have my eye on You Are What You Eat and Cupcakes Make Everything Better (it’s true!).  I hope Santa is reading…

9 comments on “DOTS Goes Glamping

  1. Mary

    I love when you note that something would make a good gift. With the holidays around the corner it would be great if you could continue to post things that you think would make good gifts, or even do a little feature (pretty please!)

  2. Brandi

    What a fun photoshoot! I definitely want a “cupcakes make everything better” shirt, but I also like the simple “sweet” t-shirt.

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