Greetings from San Francisco, New York and Kansas City!

It is with great excitement I announce that in January 2011 my dear friend Jane Lilly Warren and I are launching a new monthly lifestyle publication titled Matchbook: Field Guide to a Charmed Life. Each digital issue we look forward to celebrating the classics (shaken and stirred!) in our own unique fashion with delectable bites of style, beauty, decor, travel, and culture. The darling Fallon Hogarty has become our right-hand-gal as we organize the spectacular line-up for our premier issue. I’ve been pinching myself the entire process and it’s only just begun! I do hope you’ll join us on this grand adventure by following us on Twitter and “liking” us on Facebook. I can’t wait to share this surreal experience with you every step of the way! The Matchbook team believes there ought to be a destination for campfires, confetti, and joie de vivre in the virtual world — and we’re setting out to create it.

Feel free to snatch the image above and spread the news! None of this would have ever been possible without your support. Thank YOU for helping to make this Neo-Trad’s dreams come true!

From lipstick to letterpress, gelato to grosgrain, and Paris to Peru, consider us your field guide to a charmed life!

80 comments on “Announcing…

  1. Kate Collins Interiors

    Oh my goodness!! I can’t wait to tell my readers. I couldn’t be happier for you and Jane. This is going to be amazing! Your life must be in overdrive crazy busy but if you’re ever in SF, I’d love to grab coffee.

  2. Katie Armour Post author

    Kate Collins — I’m sorry I’ve been so MIA. Yes to coffee! I will find time!!! xoxo

    Thank you again to EVERYONE for your outpouring of support. I am beyond excited to share our premier issue with you in January. If you enjoy The Neo-Trad, Lox Papers, and A Lovely Being than Matchbook will be right up your alley! xoxo

  3. Clare Benzian

    CONGRATS!! I have no doubt this will be amazing. So happy for you and cannot wait for January to come!


  4. kelly ann

    i cannot even tell how excited how i am for this! you and your blog always inspire me, and i can’t wait for this new project!

    you are lovely. :) xo.

  5. Colleen in Sun Valley

    FABULOUS! Even a baby-boomer can appreciate and anticipate! From Erin’s sister IHHSer, colleen

  6. La Dolfina

    WOW, that’s some super exciting news!!!
    So happy for your new endeavor.
    Please let me know if I can ever help.
    I’d love to offer my prop shop for any of your styling needs, located right here in Alameda!!
    Looking forward to grabbing lunch or coffee soon, though I understand you probably aren’t even sleeping with all this excitement.
    Congratulations Katie

  7. Katie Armour Post author

    Thank you everyone for your kind words! It’s smart, stylish women like yourselves that have inspired us to take the plunge and create Matchbook. I just know you’ll love it! xx Katie

  8. Cynthia

    Wonderful!!!! I can’t wait!!!! Since discovering your blog recently I have felt so excited to know their are others like myself. That live in a timeless era all things Chic!!!! Now off to post this exciting news!!!!!

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