Penguin Classics Postcards

When my darling sponsor, Molly of Sunshine on a Cloudy Day, posted about these Postcards from Penguin yesterday I knew we were fated to be friends!  Each of the set of 100 cards depicts a different iconic Penguin Classics cover.  Wouldn’t you just love to mail them to all your cute bookworm friends?

21 comments on “Penguin Classics Postcards

  1. Joanna

    I loved these postcards and included them in a post back in February. I’ve hung so many of them around the apartment. I have the following hanging in my bedroom: The Big Sleep, Tender is the Night, and A Room of One’s Own. Perfect for sleeping, I think.

  2. Katie Armour Post author

    Joanna — You’re way ahead of me! Clearly I need to catch up on my Lark reading, I am terribly out the loop! Those do sound perfect for sleeping. I can’t wait to get my hands on a set : )

  3. alex

    they’re definitely on my christmas list. i cant wait to thumb through them all. and 100 for $25, thats a steal! it’d be wrong not to take advantage of that.

  4. Lindsay

    These were first introduced in England about a year ago and I just couldn’t wait for them to come stateside so I bought them on ebay! I framed a bunch of my favorites and made a gallery wall in our last apartment. So great! xo

  5. quintessence

    Katie – love these – and included them in my “Booked” post along with Penguin’s new book about their book jackets – you’ll love that book – check it out!

  6. Kate

    Oh I do love these! I was thinking about getting some for J for our first anniversary (it is paper!) but I think I would end up using all of them before him!


  7. Deanna (Silly Goose Farm)

    I actually have these and rotate them in a frame. I’m a giant “Jeeves and Wooster” fan (I have all the books and the Hugh Laurie/Steven Fry box set!), and I framed a big tea-towel of the Penguin “Carry On, Jeeves” cover for my husband, just because. It’s in our office at home.

    Also, I think my husband bought me (for Christmas) a poster of all the redesigns of the Penguin logo, I think you’d love it. If I can find it online, I’ll send it to you (we found it at our local independent bookhouse).

  8. carolyn

    yes!! i adore these. how cute would they be framed up in a library/reading corner? (p.s. have you seen the louis vuitton city postcard set??? you might love them :)

    – carolyn

  9. mia

    i received a box of these lovelies back in January as a birthday present and promptly spent a fun afternoon picking and sticking about half of them up on my wal;, room brighter, book-worm sated and some decorating done all in one go!

  10. Rachel

    Absolutely love these… I think my 4th grade teacher had all of these on our classroom bookshelf!

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