J’adore Kayce Hughes

Taking on sponsors this month has been such a rewarding process simply because I wholeheartedly adore their products.  Such is the case with the darling designs of Kayce Hughes.  The moment I laid eyes on her smart, girlish clothes I was sold—hook, line and sinker.  Above are a few of my very favorites — can’t you picture yourself sporting that ruffled gingham top over the holidays?  I can!  Furthermore, Kayce is sweet as pie and has the cutest team working with her.  I look forward to supporting businesses like hers this holiday season — businesses I believe in.

P.S. If you or someone you know has little ones be sure to check out her children’s line — I have to stop looking.  It gives me baby fever.

14 comments on “J’adore Kayce Hughes

  1. Kathy@myinteriorlife

    I love Kayce’s designs as well. My daughter sported many of her dresses in her “girly” (days before she adopted her 8-year-old uniform of jeans and tees). And yes, as a fellow Nashvillian, I can say Kayce is just as sweet as she can be!

  2. meg

    I’m beyond smitten with her clothes and from what I’ve had the pleasure of gathering from blogging, she is as fabulous as her company… what a lovely sponsor!

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