Sally Draper Grows Up

These high fashion images of ten-year old Kiernan Shipka (best known as Sally Draper of Mad Men) in Interview Magazine absolutely blew me away.  Talk about a glamorous version of dress-up!  If you’ve never seen an interview with the young actress you must watch this—she’s impressively articulate for her age.

22 comments on “Sally Draper Grows Up

  1. Roxy

    oh my goodness! Coming from someone who is ob-sessed with Mad Men- Sal is entirely less trouble and decidedly more glam and grown up! Adore this editorial!

  2. Victoria | vmac+cheese

    Wow! If you hadn’t told me it was Kiernan, I might not have even realized. Totally a credit to the Mad Men costume designers — the wardrobe on that show really enhances the characters. Go Sally Go!

  3. Cynthia

    What a beautiful girl!!!! These pictures are amazing. She sure does have that it factor!! Her career for sure will not end with Mad Men. Now off to see the interview…

  4. Meagan

    Wow, she does not look 10 in these awesome photos. I saw her in a magazine – I can’t remember which one now – but she looked so adorable and smart!

  5. benson

    it felt like on the show that she jumped from elementary school to high school in a matter of a few episodes and we were like “wha???!”
    The coat she’s wearing IS gorgeous…lucky girl!

  6. PJ

    I agree she looks beautiful and much older than 10-years-old… but I’m wondering if that’s really a good thing? I don’t know if it’s her intense facial expressions or the poses, but these photos almost come across creepy to me…

  7. Katie Armour Post author

    PJ — I’m certainly not a fan of little girls grow up too fast either, but I find these lovely. I also find it a bit different because she is clearly wise beyond her 10 years : )

  8. Linda Merrill

    The photos are beautiful – but I would have rather seen it styled as a real little girl playing dress up – with too big shoes and clothes, and childish hair. Lindsey Lohan was articulate, smart and beautiful as a child as well. Hopefully Kiernan’s parents are more like Dakota Fannings than the Lohans!

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