Kate + Andy Sitting in a Tree

Of all the years I’ve been obsessing over interiors, art and design (I may be “young,” but I assure you I started early!), this apartment belonging to Kate and Andy Spade has been by far the most inspiring to me.  The Selby just released these images and I’ve fallen in love all over again with the home’s sophisticated yet quirky, colorful charm (it was previously published in Town & Country, The World of Interiors and in a small entertaining piece in Elle).  How darling is little Bea and her bright yellow room?  And don’t even get me started on their matchbook collection (causing our Matchbook Magazine team to squeal with delight!).  Don’t  forget to drool over all the photos here.

20 comments on “Kate + Andy Sitting in a Tree

  1. Julie

    I’ve already been there and have been drooling a lot. What a fabulous and inspirational space. There’s something so charming about every little nook of their home.

    Thank you for sharing some highlights, Katie!!

  2. quintessence

    I agree – this is SO fabulous. There seems to be a huge buzz about it! And little Bea is just so adorable. I wanted to name one of my girls Bea (after my mother Beatrice Annabelle) but my husband nixed it :-(.

  3. Haley

    So obsessed with their apt, I am dying. Just spent about 20 minutes drooling over this on the selby :)
    let’s plan something while you’re in nyc with brooke for sure!

  4. Amanda Thrasher

    Stop it!! I love everything about Kate Spade. Our baby girl pug is Bea!!! Do you think it’s a sign? when my ship comes in I will have a NYC apt. in her building, have cocktail parties, wear black shifts and bright yellow shoes and David would drop by and kick it up a notch. dreaming of my next gallery wall….

  5. ephemerette

    I really love how their home looks well lived in, but still chic. Endless perfect and pristine homes get a little dull sometimes – it’s good to know it’s possible have a fabulous home which you could actually live in without ruining the styling!

  6. Rachel

    So home-y looking! But the best thing? That lamp in the fifth picture looks like it’s smiling. I would love to enter a room with that cheery glow – literally. : )

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