17 comments on “So Young…So Hip…

  1. Sally

    I got the catalogue today and was thinking the same thing! I could fit in the size 14 girls’ clothes…right?

  2. Lauren

    i love the little j.crew cut kids! tres chic! every time i see them i dream of having little fashionable girls of my own one day, although everyone i know thinks my husband and i are destined to have boys :(. oh well….the boys clothes are cute too :).

    although the one thing i always think when looking through the catalog:

    these outfits would last all of 5 minutes in the real world….although my skepticism is mainly due to the fact that i am a preschool teacher with a class full of 12 rowdy boys and only 3 girls. enough said :).

  3. kelly

    I love Crew Cuts! Their styling is tres chic – love looking at the new catalogs. I can fit into their larger sizes, but I’m a petite 5′.

  4. Elizabeth

    They are adorable, but sometimes things that look really cute in a girl’s size 6, don’t look so cute in a girl’s size 14, even when you can fit into them.

  5. Elizabeth

    Yes! I adore the styling. I have even added a ribbon belt to my parka like they show. I feel a little silly using a catalog for kids as a source for style inspiration but age is just a number…right? Ha ha! Oh well!

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