Chic + Cheap

I love these photos from H&M’s Winter Magazine because they prove things don’t have to cost a million dollars to be chic.  While I try to invest in quality pieces that will last me a lifetime (or at least several years), H&M is one of my favorite places for affordable, “of the moment” items.  Plus, how great is her bold, read lip?

(via Pop Bee)

9 comments on “Chic + Cheap

  1. Kirby

    H&M is looking good these days. I agree, that it’s a great place to pick up those pieces for the season. I may have to do some holiday shopping there soon.


  2. Catherine

    thanks for posting these… it’s the first I’ve seen of the H&M campaign. I love the skirt with the bold stripe hem. Do you think it’s ok to wear sweat pants if they’re ‘fashiony’? I’m just not convinced yet… Great blog!

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