Oh Alexa…

These old shots of Alexa Chung attending a Miu Miu show in Paris may just be my all-time favorites of the Anglo-“IT”-girl.  The New York Times did a fantastic piece on her just this morning.  Is it just me or is her down-to-earth, “undone” approach to life (and fashion) a breath of fresh air?

(images via Only The Best)

20 comments on “Oh Alexa…

  1. quintessence

    Saw the article in the Times – and judging from it, I want to like her but am reserving judgement for the moment – just not 100% sure about someone who said they wanted to look like Kurt Cobaine. LOVE the Valentino shoes though!!

  2. Katie Armour Post author

    Colleen — I hope that’s a good thing!! xoxo

    Quintessence — I wondered about the Kurt Cobain envy too, can’t say I related to that part, haha. xx

    Sharon — Googling that shoot now! You’re so full of good tips!

    Lauren — That makes two of us!

    ACH — Ohhh good call. Her slightly disheveled mane is certainly to be envied.

  3. kelly ann

    i adore her. she’s just so effortlessly cool. :) i’m really said her show here in the states didn’t last, i loved it! definitely one of my style icons.

  4. Samantha

    She is actually my number one “girl crush” at the minute. Did you see her feature in december’s vogue and november’s teen vogue? SO CUTE.
    by the way: YOU are another one of my influences and have inspired me to start my own blog!

  5. Roe

    I love the NY Times’s line about how she’s like your big sister’s cool friend. Watching bits of her show, I totally feel that way about her. ^_^

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