Oh my goodness!

Somebody pinch me!  I just came home to a darling letterpress invitation in the mail to a dinner party hosted by Kate Spade’s very own Deborah Lloyd.  Luckily it’s next week and I’ll already be in New York shooting projects with my Matchbook team.  As you can imagine I’m in a bit of a tizzy—what to wear?  What to say?  How not to faint? Any pointers for me, ladies?  What would you say/ask/wear to dine with this inspiring woman?!

(images via A Lovely Being, courtesy of Harper’s Bazaar)

37 comments on “Oh my goodness!

  1. Katie Armour Post author

    Kate — A lucky girl indeed. I’m seriously pinching myself : )

    Caitlin — YES!!! What does your week look like? I’m going downtown to shop at least once between now and when I fly out on Sunday…

  2. Donna B

    oh my goodness!! are you just over the moon!?? She KNOWS who you are and MUST read your blog–AH MAY ZING!!! You’ll pick out the perfect outfit–but please share what the invite looked like!

  3. Katie Armour Post author

    Donna — I’ll see what I can do ; ) It has little penguins with bow ties in a snow globe—I nearly died. And I don’t know that she’s ever seen my silly little blog, but maybe “her people” have?! Thank you for being excited for me. I’m so touched! xo

    Meg — Aww thanks Meg! I’m going to do some shopping this week. I’ll be call/text/email you!!

  4. Ashlyn

    So jealous!
    Chunky jewels and some leopard print are a requirement!

    P.S. I love how she paired a yellow and white striped dress paired with leopard heels in the first image. So chic.

  5. geri

    wow!!! you have had an extraordinary 2010 missy!!! i don’t think it all could have happened to a more kind, hard working and talented person! something tells me this is only the beginning for you… better put your seat belt on, and enjoy what’s in store! have a great trip to new york, and don’t fret about the outfit. i am sure with your taste, and all of the holiday glam, you’ll find the perfect ensemble!

  6. Monarose

    Congratulations!! What an amazing opportunity and dream date! I can’t imagine!

    If I were to ask her a question it wouldn’t be how she got her start or what inspires her, but if she has ever been afraid of failure, why, and what did she do to overcome it…

    Good luck! I can’t wait to read more of how this unfolds and changes your life and future ventures!

  7. Katie Armour Post author

    Ashlyn — I better get to see your pretty face while I’m in town!

    Pamela — There will be many updates : )

    Geri — You always make me blush! Thank you for being so supportive. It means SO much.

    Cathi — Thank you! I always smile to see a comment from you. Hope you’re well! xo

    Monarose — What a great question!! I’d love to hear her answer. I’ll keep you posted : )

  8. Mackenzie {Design Darling}

    Oh my gosh, I’m so happy for you!!! What a thrilling honor — and an amazing opportunity to pimp Matchbook Mag :) I see a little Kate Spade bling in your future! You are such an inspiration — Deborah couldn’t have picked a more deserving guest!

  9. sharon

    i remember when i first stumbled upon your blog. just bloggin away about all things wonderful, now you’re going off to a dinner party w/ deborah! lucky duck :)

  10. quintessence

    Katie – so excited for you – I can just imagine when you opened the envelope. Whatever you wear you’ll look lovely – and obviously just be yourself – that’s what got you invited in the first place!!

  11. Katie Armour Post author

    Mariel — I’ll try my best : )

    Mackenzie — You’re making my head big, stop it. Hahaha xx

    Roxy — I hope I can take photos!! I’ll keep you posted! Can you even imagine how lovely the table will look?! Ahhh…

    Lindsey — I am obsessed with it all too! Le sigh…

    Kelly Ann — Recap promise!

    Sharon — Oh my, those were the good ole early days! Thank you for your continued readership my faithful friend : )

    LiveLikeYou — Thank you! I think it will be impossible NOT to have fun!

    Patricia — Awww you’re too sweet. I’ll try!

    Meagan — I’ll enjoy it for all of us, don’t you worry : )

    Meg — Full report promised! I’m worried about the outfit though—let the brainstorming begin!

    Betsy — Thank you! I hope so, the pressure is on!

    All Things Fabulous — I know, right? Still pinching myself!!!

    Quintessence — Whenever you comment I listen closely because yours are always such wise words! Thank you!!!! xoxo

  12. Heather Ogren

    So exciting, Kate. No doubt you will look beautiful and ask thought provoking questions. I look forward to the details and pictures.

  13. Molly

    KATIE! Oh my goodness you must be sending some super good thoughts into the universe! You need to bring a wicked good hostess gift… I’m sure you have tons of ideas. Make sure you’re not too nervous to eat – the food with probably be amazing!

  14. Dalia

    oh wow what a beautiful woman shes positively radiant love her sense of style so original. i hope you have a blast please post pics of your final look if u can : )

  15. Cookie and Kate

    You are one lucky girl! I’ve never made it to NYC and you’re on your way to dinner with Deborah Lloyd! Sigh. I have no idea what I would say at such an occasion. Something terribly awkward, I’m sure. :)

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