18 comments on “Tiffany and Tinsel

  1. Nooks & Cranberries

    That last one is particularly romantic and swoon-worthy. I might have to keep that one for a collection of writing inspiration photos. Seems like it could do just the trick for livening up a scene between two of my main characters!

  2. Donna B

    s-l-o-w-l-y putting ours up…which drives me mad with all the boxes filled with ornaments, stockings, and garland scattered about.
    LOVE the tree shot…so sweet!

  3. Katie Armour Post author

    I’m so impressed with you ladies!!! I need to make that happen… Mr. Armour is in the middle of finals and things are at a bit of a stand still around here!

  4. Amber


    No tree yet… somehow things like that are moving more slowly this year with the new baby around. ;-)

  5. Lena

    Too charming-these make me crave Christmas!

    John and I probably won’t put up a tree this year because we’re doing so much holiday travel, but we’ll be adding garland and wreaths soon! What about you guys-do you have a tree up yet?

  6. Rachel Brady

    I love Tiffany’s!!! Everytime my bf and I go wandering around the Domain in Austin I try to steer him towards the Tiffany’s and he just rolls his eyes and pushes toward the other stores. I absolutely love that cream dress in the second picture. I can’t wait to go get a small Charlie Brown christmas tree for my small apartment.


  7. Champagne Maker

    Ours is up! PrettyStuff decorated it on Sunday before she abandoned us for exams…Let it be known that freshman son, Hobbs, did not help although his angelic ornament from preschool PrettyStuff put on the very tip top. Somehow this got him out of decorating…I don’t get it.

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