Monthly Archives: December 2010

In 2011 I resolve to…

Buy more fresh blooms.

Read one thought-provoking book per week.

Incorporate more color into my wardrobe.

Rise at 5am or earlier each morning.

Take a trip somewhere thrilling and new.

Adopt a second pug.

Write more handwritten notes.

Spend more time at the beach.

Finish decorating our little home.

Edit my wardrobe.  Edit, edit, edit!

Drink more water.

Tell my readers how much I love them (I ADORE YOU!).

Learn how to cook something (anything really…).

Use cloth napkins like proper grown-ups.

And last but certainly not least…

launch the loveliest online magazine you ever did see!

(image via Pretty Stuff)

Crushing on Ira

You may or may not know that I love and adore the National Public Radio program This American Life.  Mr. Armour and I always listen to hours of their podcasts on road trips and the host, Ira Glass, is a favorite.  This “Mrs. Ira Glass” tote bag made me laugh out loud and the greeting card is pretty clever too.  Any fellow NPR fans reading?