Coco Creates

There is something remarkable to me about these two shots of Coco Chanel designing her own jewelry.  I love that she actually sat there surrounded by beads and pliers, creating beautiful things.  I so admire that she was never afraid to get her hands dirty with the creative process like this.  Oh Coco, how I adore thee.

(photographs by Mark Shaw)

13 comments on “Coco Creates

  1. Cynthia

    What amazing woman. Oh I wish the fashion industry would take a nod from her. Where each fashion season wasn’t a thousand sketches of so-so’s and trying to out-do last years. Where classic’s were classics. Designers were hands-on with every detail. Thanks for sharing these pictures!!!! Coco was one of a kind!

  2. Roxy

    If only my creations where I sat and twiddled with chains, pliers, and beads turned out as iconic as Madame Coco’s! And if only le fumant de la cigarette were my solution!

  3. Champagne Maker

    Love the ciggy! Honestly, it’s one of those nasty things that I wish wasn’t nasty…In the good ol’ days, we’d sit on the Chi-O house stoop smokin’, drinking TAB and eating Lance Crackers for dinner…one of my favorite memories ever. Love the hat and the hat pin too. They really used hat pins huh? GREAT PICS Thanks for sharing!

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