My Holiday Guest Posts…

I am so honored today to share with you some guest posts I did on two of my very favorite blogs.  The first you can catch over on the beautiful Rikshaw Design blog (those are my favorite holiday gift picks at top!) and the second is a bit of “love + wishes + thanks” on the charming Silver Lining.  Thank you Catherine and Sylvie — so tickled to have been asked!  Much love to you both! xoxo

10 comments on “My Holiday Guest Posts…

  1. Roxy

    Loved your guests posts Katie! The Love + Wishes + Thanks was especially cute! Thanks for introducing me to fabulous new blogs to read :0

  2. ACH

    I did not know your husband was in law school; so is my fiancé! Here’s hoping you’re closer to the end than we are ;)

  3. ginnybranch stelling

    brunch at cafe cluny in the west village( everything is amazing, but the french toast is worth writing home about)

    cocktails at little branch (the best speakeasy in town, very hard to find…)

    pizza at lombardis in soho

    cafe gitane for breakfast(in the jane hotel-swoon)

    the chelsea flea markets are the best if you are there through the weekend. i bet you could find loads of vintage matchbooks :)

    tinsel trading is the most magical store filled with glitter and vintage ribbons

    tender buttons is like a candy shop stocked with drawers and drawers of buttons(upper east side)

    geminola is the size of a walk-in closet but has the best vintage dresses in nyc. looks like the inside of a fairy’s wardrobe.

    the strand is definitely worth a visit, such a wonderful bookstore that i really, really miss. vintage and new alike.

    butter lane has the best cupcakes, in my humble opinion.

    if you have the time to explore someplace new and exciting, i would go take a cab to redhook, brooklyn. saipua flowers, erie basin vintage jewelry, baked, and sycamore are all there. very charming and off-the-beaten path.

    have so much fun!!! you probably know a lot of these places since you lived in nyc for a while, right? sorry if it’s redundant!

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