New York Dreams

These stunning shots by The Cherry Blossom girl have me beyond excited to fly to New York this Sunday night.  The entire Matchbook team is buzzing with excitement — so much to do, so little time!  What are your very favorite things to do in New York?

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  1. Tim

    It doesn’t look quite as pretty now since all the trees are naked and leaves dried up… but it’s still amazing. Be sure to grab a cupcake from Sugar Sweet Sunshine in the Lower East Side. Welcome to NYC.

  2. Jennie

    Usually I’m there in a work capacity, as a retail buyer, with little personal time. However, our work errands can be pretty fun. Love: ABC Home, Michael C. Fina, Bergdorfs, grabbing a quick cappuccino at the Shops at the Plaza, lamb and greek yogurt at Kellari after a long day, ilili for Lebanese (this is a must!), and walking everywhere (in Houston, walking across the street practically impossible).
    Have fun and all the best wishes on your new venture!

  3. Amanda

    So, so jealous! My faves include Via Quaddrono, Clinton Street Baking Co., Bergdorfs, wandering around the West Village, Friday night cocktails at the Met, the Strand, Momofuku and a kind of ghetto-fab Thai place on 2nd Avenue called Holy Basil.

  4. Katie Armour Post author

    So many great tips!!! Many of which are old favorites. I’m writing the new ones down. Where would I be without you? xx

    Tim — I used to live a 2 minute walk from Sugar Sweet Sunshine and am very well acquainted with their cupcakes, TRUST me : )

  5. Hanna

    Georgia Tapert Living, THE SUMMIT BAR, Adeline Adeline Bike Shop, The Greenwich Hotel, Spitzer’s Corner, OTTO Pizzeria, Pop Bar, Limelight Marketplace, The Little Owl, Cafe Cluny, The Back Bar at Cafe Select…

  6. Paulina J!

    Definitely catch a Broadway show and shopping! Love to go to Century 21 and if you can make it across the GW Bridge to Jersey I highly recommend Jersey Gardens-Indoor Outlet Mall and no sales tax since it’s Jersey!!! Woohoo! Jersey Gardens has everything from Armani to Saks 5th Ave Off 5th; you can’t cover the mall in a day, I’ve tried.

  7. Brandi

    Eat. Definitely eat. And visit museums and Central Park. And shop. And explore. Concerts too. Oh, I’m so in love with that city. Can’t wait to get back there…

  8. Amanda Boyce

    Hey lady! It’s Amanda from COTY PRESTIGE. I’m so glad to hear you are coming to my neck of the woods! We should meet up for cupcakes or something :) Have a safe flight and bring your jacket! it’s getting cold! XOXO

  9. EMILY

    OOOH. Enjoy every New York minute of it, Katie!
    Get fried mozz fritters at Ditch Plains and something lovely at Cafe Cluny. Soak up the energy and visit the charming little John Derian Shop. xo

  10. Shara

    Already shared two favorites on your facebook page (Natural History Museum and Stumptown coffee) but just had to add: I loved the Maryam Nassir Zadeh store last time I was in NY. So beautiful and unique! (but bad for the wallet)

  11. Rachel from Love a la Mode

    Magnolia Bakery for cupcakes :) It’s right across the street from Marc Jacobs so I like to pair those two together. I also love the Metropolitan Museum of Art… check ahead to see if their costume collection is open any day you’re there- it’s amazing.

  12. Roxy

    Oh my goodness too many to name! I used to pair Magnolia and Marc together like Rachel when I lived there for school, but really my most favorite thing to do in Manhattan is to aimlessly traipse around the village- where the streets depart from a grid to zig zag perfection :) – wishing on brownstones to be my own! Have fun! Can’t wait to share in the excitement as I’m sure you’ll post a bit!!

  13. Sam

    Gorgeous! I really love the first photo; what a lovely pop of color! I miss New York sooo much. I love going to a broadway show and to eat at The Spotted Pig.

  14. Stevi

    Oooh I love the pictures! I’ve only been to New York once and it wasn’t the best trip ever. I need to go back and I do some of the fun things suggested in the comments!

    Have a great trip!

  15. Meg

    A trip to the Cloisters, or a chilly walk along the High Line – with a cup of boozy hot cocoa, of course!

    Also, I had dinner at the new John Dory Oyster Bar last night, and it was fan-freaking-tastic. Definitely check it out if you get the chance!

  16. Kirby

    How exciting! you should have a brunch meeting at a quante place in the village. wonder the streets and get a little lost. check out the trees in bryant park and rockefeller center. go for a stroll through central park and a loop around one of the many outdoor ice skating rinks. drink hot cocoa while walking down 5th ave and drooling over the amazing window displays.

    My mom will be here this weekend too! I hear the weather is going to be beautiful!

    enjoy your trip! i’ll be the girl running around the city with 4 Mid-west women trailing behind me. they are staying at my friends apartment in the lower east side! they will have a blast!

    xo kirby

  17. ceo

    I love soaking up my old neighborhood the west village. Tartine is always a fun stop. Along with the lovely old book store on bleeker so much inspiration lies in the village… Have a great trip…


  18. erin

    Governors Island- the ferry is free, you can rent bikes, see what left of the old military buildings, are shows, etc.
    a great way to get away from the city.

    Flushing Meadows- see what left from the worlds fair.

    Brooklyn Botanic Gardens- one of the best in the world, and free.

  19. classic case

    I live in NYC and there’s so many wonderful things to do this time of year! Make sure you walk up Fifth Avenue at nighttime to look at all the store windows decorated for the holidays, and the tree at Rockefeller is STUNNING (and conveniently located right next to an Anthropologie and J. Crew). Hot chocolate and a pretzel croissant at City Bakery, and Holiday Shops at Union Square are both musts. A walk through Greenwich Village is pretty magical too.

    Have a great time! xx

  20. Melissa

    Definitely hit The Smile for lunch (delish) then walk up the block to Peels for a homemade Graham Cracker, and the lovely shops up that block (John Derian shops, etc), Purl Soho is fun for fabric and knitting. Chelsea Market has gotten really good food shops too =) And the new Limelight Market place is a FUN way to spend an hour or two…

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