Vintage Beauty

One of my favorite place to shop for vintage jewelry is on Etsy.  The prices are right and the treasures are bountiful is you’re willing to hunt for a moment or two.  This turquoise necklace was the latest to catch my eye, but sadly I’ve already completed my holiday shopping.  Love how old pieces have a bit of history to them!  Isn’t the styling lovely?

9 comments on “Vintage Beauty

  1. StylishBird

    I love, love, love that necklace! I’m a total sucker for anything turquoise! I too would have bought that without the adorable styling…that’s just a bonus. :)

  2. geri

    WOW! i am just jealous and impressed that you are all finished with your xmas shopping, and it is only dec.1st. (pretty necklace by the way)!

  3. Kirby

    a) this is beautiful. love the pop of color it brings.

    b) you are done with your holiday shopping? I’m giving you a round of applause!


  4. Sadie

    I have just found Etsy (not so big in UK) and LOVE it – the jewellery desginers are amazing. I’ve just bought myself 2 50’s pin-up girl prints to hang in my bathroom for a big of old-school glamour.

    Loving your blog, have just started my own – – will be back for more reading, your manifesto is everything I believe in!


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