My Dream Holiday Outfit…

Hope you’ll all swing by the darling Thistle & Clover blog to check out my guest post on my “dream holiday outfit.”  I put the collage together all by myself in Pages (the Mac equivalent to Microsoft Word) and am quite proud of how it turned out (don’t ask how long it took me…).  Seriously though, aren’t those ear muffs the cutest?  Thank you to the awesome shop owners (and former Plucky Pioneers) Rand and Camilla — I’m so tickled to have been asked!

17 comments on “My Dream Holiday Outfit…

  1. sharon

    great picks! i love the earmuffs :)
    oh boy, i use microsoft word to arrange posts like these. they take me along time too! maybe one day, ill invest in photoshop or some cool editing software

  2. Deanna (Silly Goose Farm)

    Love this! I just bought two new fabulous “party” dresses (now, just need the occasion to wear!), and I have a pair of fuzzy earmuffs that I bought at the Vermont Country Store last March. Glad to know other appreciate earmuffs!

  3. Debby

    Are those the Kate Spade heels? Love them! I have a mac… what is pages? My mac is sort of old I am hoping Santa brings me a new one. I just downloaded Picasa 3 which is free and makes awesome collages. Easy to use too. Love all you choices! xo

  4. marni

    great picks and fun guest post! i would say yes to all of them!!! thanks for the honesty…sometimes i wonder why things such as this “seem” so easy for everyone else :)

  5. Danielle

    I’m nuts over that clutch…congrats on your guest post and flurry of new opportunities! Always lovely to see talent and taste recognized–very excited for the Matchbook launch! Happy Friday :)

  6. Colleen

    Yeah I haven’t heard of Pages either…going to look it up. I just started doing this sort of thing on Photoshop and was quite proud as well- it is quite the feat! But it adds a personal touch. Great picks!! xoxo

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