Strike a Pose, Matchbook in NY

The Matchbook team is in New York and we just began a Facebook album to keep you updated on our adventures!  Above are a few of my favorites—Jane at the Strand, framed vintage matchboxes at Kate Spade, and a Frenchie riding in fluffy pink style (his owner told us the pup “loves the ladies”).  We love him too.

11 comments on “Strike a Pose, Matchbook in NY

  1. Lindsay

    Totally jealous of your trip but so glad you girls are having a great time. You all look beautiful! So nice to finally see a pic of Fallon! xo

  2. Ashley

    If this album any indication, Matchbook is going to be so much fun mixed with a dash of urban intelligence. I love it! Also, how cute is the picture from Kate Spade (is that a trompe l’oeil light switch!?)!

  3. Danielle

    These note cards are to die for!!! I am so jealous you girls are in NYC! You look like you are having a blast!!

  4. Kirby

    that’s right you are in NYC right now! I’m secretly hoping that I’ll stumble past or be behind you in line at starbucks.

    who knows, maybe this morning? you won’t be in the garment district near timesquare, will you? haha

    xo Kirby

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