The Jane Ballroom

While in New York the Matchbook team had drinks with some friends at The Ballroom of the The Jane Hotel and I thought you might enjoy this glimpse of its grandiose interior.  I adore New York Magazine’s description of it as, “blessed with both titanic dimensions and old-world ambience.”  The massive fireplace, ancient disco ball and ample supply of taxidermy make the space a quirky statement that I quite enjoyed.  Thank you to all our dear friends that stopped by!

8 comments on “The Jane Ballroom

  1. Victoria

    True story: I saw a ghost in The Jane Hotel once. Really I did, it was not my imagination. How cool is that?


  2. Lena

    What a fabulous ballroom-and I love the unexpected disco ball! I think cocktails in SF are in order once you have some time to breath again!

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