Bring Back Snail Mail

Call me old-fashioned, but there is something about these decoupage letter boxes I just adore.  Not only would the piles of mail on my desk look far prettier in a custom monogrammed box, but the patterns are such vintage delights.  I’m convinced it’s the sort of thing Jo March must have had to store her love letters from Laurie…  Speaking of which, I think I need to watch that tonight.

14 comments on “Bring Back Snail Mail

  1. Rachel from Love a la Mode

    My parents still use letter boxes… They are products of the 1940s but I feel like I’ll still want one when I move into my own place. [No use for one at college… don’t get a lot of snail mail there.]

  2. WGibson

    I had the honor of teaching the designer’s daughter a few years ago in third grade…needless to say, I have a few letter boxes, a frame, a wastebasket, and a few decorative decoupage plates! :)They are fabulous and timeless!

  3. Sally

    So funny! The family that I nanny for has one of these in red and green and they use it for all of the Christmas cards they receive. When I saw it I was wondering where they found it! The kids call it a “little trash can”. Ha!


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