Move Over Grandma…

I just had to share these images because while the styling (and model) may scream Jenna Lyons, they are in fact by Talbots. I love how the company is aiming to attract a younger audience with a bevy of fun heels, washed denim and sequins.  The cut of their clothes is also universally flattering which I so appreciate—they always have a fabulous selection of A-line skirts (like this one!) that make me feel like Betty Draper.  Cheers to the classics!

13 comments on “Move Over Grandma…

  1. Anjela

    WOW! I’m honestly (and very pleasantly) surprised all of that is from Talbots! Very nice work ;)
    Love that leather skirt & the navy blazer!!!

  2. Jenny

    I wandered into Talbots last week just to check it out and they have done an amazing job of making themselves over. There were several things I wanted to buy right at that moment. Gorgeous fabrics and colors. Kudos to their design team!

  3. Heather

    Totally agree! Talbots has been revamping their look for the past several years, to be almost a J.Crew/Ann Taylor competitor. And the quality is still awesome. I am a fan!

  4. Erica Sara

    I’ve loved watching how Talbots has changed their direction over the last few years. The quality is great but wish they carried small sizes in all their stores (the one near me doesnt carry 0). Very excited to see what’s next for them!

  5. alison

    LOL! When I saw the ‘Grandma’ reference I knew these pics were for Talbots (I know they’re trying to revamp their image).
    xox alison

  6. Rabia

    Okay, I NEEEED those shoes in the first picture! They’re nowhere to be found on the site :(

    Also, spring look book is SO pretty! Love it all…

    Btw, I’ve been reading your blog for a few weeks now, but first time commenting :)

  7. quintessence

    I just bought 3 fabulous skirts at Talbots on super sale, including the incredibly adorable leopard one. As I said in my article earlier this fall, they are doing a really fabulous job of reinventing themselves. These shots are indeed beautiful and the fall campaign, shot by the amazing Mert & Marcus team was spectacular.

  8. Kara

    I have to mirror Alison’s comments! As soon as I saw the “Move Over Grandma” title and the top of the pic I knew you were talking about Talbots! LOL I was in the mall and had to actually top when I saw some of the ads! Jenna’s mark is all over the place… even Ann Taylor!

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