My Newest Matchbooks

Okay, so technically these are vintage matchboxes, but I adore them all the same.  I found these cuties on Etsy last night and am a wee bit obsessed.  I’m convinced they’ll look quite dapper beside a Diptyque candle on my coffee table, don’t you agree?

7 comments on “My Newest Matchbooks

  1. Giselle

    Adorable! And with the candles & the fantastic table, it will be a hit. P.S. I have been pushing my mother to sell her southwest furniture on Craigslist for the last two weeks or so (as she is looking for a new look), and just read about how you found the table on Craigslist, what a fantastic find!

  2. alex

    so adorable! i’m a sucker for anything cards related. reminds me of playing hearts and poker with my brothers in the summertime growing up.

  3. Katie Armour Post author

    Giselle — I’m glad you like the coffee table! It was quite the find : )

    Alex — When I lived in NY, John (Mr. Armour) and I used to sit around in bed playing “war” with an old deck of cards during the winter months. It’s the only card game I know how to play! Silly memories…

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