Reason 1,001…

Reason 1,001 why I should not be allowed on Etsy:  I spontaneously purchase “must-have” pug items such as this vintage needlepoint coin purse.  How did I ever live this long without one?!

P.S. I know, I know: Crazy. Pug. Lady.

9 comments on “Reason 1,001…

  1. Sarah@goingstarfishing

    Ummmmmm… how could you NOT purchase this!?!?!
    ADORABLE. PERFECTION. Vintage at it’s BEST!

    I, too, am DANGEROUS on Etsy. I have a self-imposed parental block for that site on our internet.

    Glad I am in good company with the crazed dog lover thing!

  2. Anjela

    ohhh so cute! Totally understandable this was a must-buy!
    p.s.- crazy pug lady is always better than crazy cat lady…in opinion at least!;))

  3. Champagne Maker

    oh!! i’m not even a pugmom and i want one! cleaning out my studio today, I found plenty of unfinished needlepoint that i vow to finish in 2011. My Christmas shopping motto: One for you, two for me….oops!

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