A Very Pug Christmas

This old issue of the now extinct Blueprint magazine (how much do you miss it?!) is one of my very favorites.  It makes me want to run out and buy a pink Christmas tree with gold ornaments…and tie a bow on Alfred and put him in a box.

P.S. Should I buy a real Christmas tree this year or an artificial?  Help!

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34 comments on “A Very Pug Christmas

  1. Jennie

    Real! My boyfriend and I got ours last night–and there is nothing like waking up to the smell of a real evergreen!

  2. alex

    real tree, always! it’s not christmas unless it smells like a tree. And to be honest, I think it takes a lot of effort to make those fake-y ones look chic and not tacky.

  3. Tate

    A faux tree for a “neo-traditionalist”? Blasphemy! It’s perfectly green if it’s recycled responsibly. Sometimes they’re collected and put in lakes and ponds – to provide shelter and sustenance during the winter. Also, they are ground down and used as mulch etc.

  4. colie

    i can not explain to you how much i miss blueprint magazine. i loved it so much i would subscribe and still buy an extra copy at the newsstand because i could not wait for it to come in the mail.

  5. Katie Armour Post author

    Tate — But a vintage aluminum is very neo-trad! Hahaha. I wonder if I could find someone to grind a live one down to mulch for us and make use of it. We live in an apartment : )

  6. Ally

    I have to have a fake tree because of my building’s restrictions and this year I really wanted a white tree~ turns out I couldn’t splurge this year. Definitely next! Fake trees are uber practical but nothing beats the real tree smell! The pink tree is darling though!

  7. Mariel

    I love having a real tree! Wish they weren’t so messy & unwieldy to lug home. My plan for next year is to buy a really small tree mid-December – something I can fit in the front seat of my car. Getting it close to x-mas will mean less cleaning since it’ll be fresh. The nativity scene I set up every year will tide me over decorations-wise until I have the tree!

  8. Kimberly Lewis

    I have a faux gold mini tree at my apartment. I think that it is festive! That being said once I move into a bigger place down the road I can’t wait to get a real tree. I love the smell !

  9. geri

    go for the pink… what the heck! they are adorable and just think how fun it will be to have a vintage pink tree in storage to give to your grand daughter! you would be such a cool grand ma ma! it sounds like a blast and very chic!

  10. nanne

    you always need at least one real tree!!

    buy an artificial tree on sale after christmas and use it in the kitchen, the family room or a bedroom…you can have it all!!!


  11. Kit

    I vote for a fake full size tree…and a small real tree. The small tree can be planted outdoors after the holidays…ooh, make it Alfred’s tree and decorate it entirely pug/pooch!!!!

  12. ginnybranch stelling

    1. i love aluminum christmas trees

    2. this was my faaaaaave blueprint ever! those dresses and that blonde hair and the silhouettes on the wall definitely inspired the college me, very much so!

  13. benson

    …and to add more confusion :) I read somewhere about how a real tree is best (if they are grown on tree farms) because the artificial tree has certain chemicals that are used in manufacturing it–or; an artificial tree that’s chemical free is a “thumbs up” as well if you go faux.
    But–to juggle another thought–if you go vintage,you feel as if you’re safe from the chemicals of today and saving a tree somewhere.

  14. Katie Armour Post author

    Stacey — I have the issue in front of me and yet cannot for the life of me find out who the dress is by!!! Either I’m blind or they didn’t say in the credits… Let me know if you find out. I’m dying to know as well! xx Katie

  15. Cate

    Why not do both?
    A real tree in the living room and little fake pink/gold tree on the countertop in the kitchen or the dresser of your bedroom.
    Best of both worlds !!

    I have this issue of Blueprint ! Will see if I can find who did the dress too…
    Katie, the girls’ hair on the cover is divine, do you think one has to be very young to carry that look off?

  16. Cate

    Found it !

    The dress featured on the cover of this issue is by
    Basix II – it retailed for $460 and was sold through
    Neiman Marcus at the time.

    Such a perfect holiday party dress isn’t it….

  17. Kristina

    Ah – I have this old issue as well! I loved Blueprint. I really want to get a white tree at some point, but my husband is not convinced :)

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