Matchbook Countdown Giveaway

Today I am ECSTATIC to announce the latest Matchbook Magazine giveway, the full trio of Kate Spade books!  These three titles, StyleOccasions and Manners were penned by the Ms. Spade herself and have been instrumental to my personal outlook and aesthetic.  In fact, when I moved to New York a few years ago I bought a second set the week I arrived because last minute I failed to fit my original set in my suitcase!  Silly, I know.  I now happily treasure both sets and look forward to giving away a third shiny and new set!  To enter simply “like” Matchbook on Facebook (or if you already do, won’t you be so kind as to suggest it to a few of your friends?  They’ll thank you later…) and comment below telling me about a stylish person in your life.  I can’t wait to read your responses!

Update: Congratulations to our winner, Blair!

89 comments on “Matchbook Countdown Giveaway

  1. Mariel

    as a former kate spade broome street employee (and LIFETIME fan) these would be the perfect addition to my bookshelf.

    thanks for the giveaway – i’m so excited to read the debut issue of matchbook!

  2. Emily

    Love these books! I reached out to some friends to ask them to like Matchbook via Facebook! A stylish woman in my life is my mom, who’s always tried to be on the cutting edge of fashion while maintaining her own sense of personal style!

  3. Katie Armour Post author

    Mariel — I LOVE the Broome Street store! So jealous! Thanks for your support! xx

    Emily — Thank you for suggesting us to your girlfriends. I am so excited!! Your mom sounds fantastic : )

  4. Jocelyn

    My grandmother always said that style doesn’t come from the pieces, it’s how you pull it all together. To this day she doesn’t leave the house without taking the time to look polished.

    Looking forward to your input on style in the future through Matchbook. I “follow” on FB and will be sure to invite friends to do the same.


  5. ginnybranch stelling

    YES! this is one of the first giveaways i’ve seen and liked!

    one of the most stylish women i know is my favorite high school english teacher. in my most humble opinion, style comes from the soul. miss bagby taught me to respect strunk & white’s element of style (the most important book on style) and the meaning of the word magnanimous.

    her favorite quote, “do i dare disturb the universe” by T.S Eliot has become one of my life’s mottos.

    and that’s why i think she is the most stylish woman i know.

  6. Joanna

    Most of the stylish women I admire are in magazines or movies. And I am a Facebook fan! What a fantastic opportunity to incorporate a bit more style and elegance into my life! I heart Kate Spade.

  7. Danielle

    The most stylish woman in my life is my English Grandmother (my nany), she is always dripping in jewelry, her hair is always perfectly coiffed, and her english/american accent makes me drool. I love her to pieces. <3

  8. Sarah

    My coworkers! I’m an employee at Anthropologie and I am always amazed with the style an originality of my fellow friends/co-workers. It makes me challenge myself everyday before I step into work. :)

  9. Katie Armour Post author

    Oh my goodness — I am getting goosebumps reading these entries! Thank you ladies! What wonderful, inspirational and CHIC women we all have in our lives!! xx

  10. Yaffa

    Though she may be a fictional character, Betty Draper is my style icon. Her simple, yet elegant house dresses are beautiful additions to Mad Men’s overall aesthetic.

    External to the show, I have tried to take a cue or two from Betty and purchased a mixture of colorful and classic pieces from Anthropologie, Banana Republic, and J. Crew. I view it as my effort in attempting to mirror Betty’s 1960s wardrobe, while seeking to create and define my own in 2010.

  11. Jessie

    My grandmother has always been so stylish! She always has perfectly manicured nails and the perfect jewelry and handbag for every outfit- and I love perusing her photos from the 60s – if only she still had those clothes around for me!

  12. Jane

    My mom is the most stylish person in my life– she always strikes the balance of just enough neutrals, just enough color, not too much jewelry, the right shapes, and GREAT shoes! Plus, she always has the best accessories: a smile and endless optimism. I always admired how beautiful she looked in high school and now, in college, I try to channel her effortless style.

  13. Kate

    It sounds a little corny, but one of the most stylish women I know was one of my account profs in college. She was always so classy looking – never the typical disheveled academic! Does it help that her name is Mary Ann? It just always seemed so fitting to me…

    (of course, I’m a fan!)


  14. Jeanette Ashley

    Yes, I will gladly “like” matchbook.

    Can I tell you about a stylish man? Because my grandpa had the most influence on me and my style. He was always dressed his best with bow ties and hats. I have one of his plaid shirts from the 50’s that I wear at least once a week!

    So excited for matchbook and this giveaway…fingers crossed!

  15. Corinna

    I will throw my grandmother into this mix as well, on my maternal side. She is always put together and perfectly accessories. She is 88 and a world traveler- she is going to Sumatra with my sister next month, and hiked to see the Silverback gorillas in Rwanda last summer. She is always poised and has the utmost tact and grace, no matter the location. My hubby John and I are taking her to the Nutcracker at the SF Opera House on Saturday to celebrate her (and my completion of finals!)

  16. Katie Armour Post author

    Corinna — She sounds wonderful. Congrats on almost finishing finals! John finished his today and it was the best feeling! Let’s be sure to meet up in the new year—I’m sorry my schedule has been so hectic! xx Katie

  17. mae

    i can’t wait for the matchbook mag launch!

    i would have to say my bosses are the most stylish women i know. i work in textile design at free people and i am constantly surrounded by fabulous, stylish ladies – it constantly inspires me! i love when they take trips abroad and come back to show us what amazing treasures they have found.

    thank you katie for the daily inspiration, i always look forward to reading your blog!

    <3, Mae

  18. Cassie

    Love these little books! A stylish woman in my life would have to be my best friend. She’s a girl who’s never afraid of color and trying new textures and is a genius at layering. I myself tend to wear a lot of black so she’s my inspiration to try and mix more colors into my wardrobe. Her style is always fun and free spirited, and seeing her outfits somehow always brighten my day. Plus, she’s great at trying different kinds of makeup and incorporating them with her style as well :)

  19. Allison

    I can not wait for Matchbook Magazine! Such a fan already. I believe my Aunt S. is the most stylish woman I know. Her staples are simple, classic starched white blouse, solid blue, black or tan trousers with a colorful silk scarf. She owns more scarves than I can count and always looks fabulous!

  20. Delia

    Stylish women in my life are my mom and aunt. They add great panache to all their outfits. They always seem to be one step ahead of the next “it” thing in style and fashion.

    Very excited about the matchbook mag. :D

  21. anna cf

    Ginny Branch Stelling is my pick. Especially because she’s how I found out about your amazing site and mag!

  22. Megan

    Although she does not know me, Jenna Lyons, creative director of JCrew, is my fashion go to gal. I love the way she shows confidence in each piece she wears!!

  23. Amy

    my dear friend liz – although she would be equally flattered and mortified to know i feel this way, – is one of the most stylish people i know. she’s a budding photographer who just left a desk job to do a little dreamchasing. under jeans and a cute black swing coat are flip flips and frozen toes. she never wears makeup and often has braids. she’s equal parts laura ingalls and anne hathaway, and her bravery & innocence woven together are always the perfect accessory.

  24. Ami

    I *love* Matchbook on Facebook and have sent suggestions to every friend!

    My friend Eileen is my Woman of Style–she LIVES in the 1930s–house, clothes, cooking and knitting-she is also a fierce Lindy Hopper! When I have a doubt, I go to Eileen!!

    And where would any of us be without Kate Spade? She is the Gold Standard for understated elegance. Love her. These books would be a treasured addition to my collection!

  25. Katie Armour Post author

    Amy — Love the word “dreamchasing.” Bravo to your friend! xx

    Ami — You suggested our FB page to ALL OF YOUR FRIENDS?! You just made my night! You get a gold star ; ) xx Katie

  26. Joanna

    I “liked” Matchbook on Facebook–now am even more excited for the first issue! I would say living in NY, I see about 10 new style inspirations passing me on the street each day and I get new ideas and inspiration from so many of the chic, stylish ensembles I spot!

  27. Sarah

    I positively can’t wait for Matchbook to come out and just sent a bajillion invites to friends…

    I know she’s a fictional character (and a cold hearted one at that!) but I positively adore Betty Draper’s style. Along with Matchbook I’m waiting on pins and needles for Mad Men to come back…

    Have you seen this book? (I swear I’m not spamming you, I deal with the same headaches on my blog) A friend just recommended it to me, and I’m heavily considering purchasing it.

  28. Pamela

    While she’s not someone I know personally, I admire the style of Queen Rania of Jordan. Not only is she always perfectly polished in her outward appearance, but she has the smarts, the savvy and the conviction to back it up.

  29. Esther

    Dear Katie: I simply adore everything about your blog. And Kate Spade – simply divine – so I was thrilled to read about her adorable books, especially the one on manners. A lady after my own heart. Unfortuantely, I cannot enter your contest because I am not on Facebook. But thank you for directing me to the books. I will make note of it in our blog (where we have you identified as one of our favorites). Cheers!

  30. Kinkle

    I already like Matchbook but i had to reply! The most stylish person in my life is my husband. Once upon a time a friend of mine compared me to a dress that looked great in the window but was difficult to wear… some would admire it, some would try it on, some would buy and leave in the closet but it was a very daring person who would actually purchase and wear it.
    When I met my husband we went on a trip to Italy where he found a mustard yellow mohair plaid suit (really) at Etro in Florence. It alllmost fit but not quite. When he asked the salesman if they made more he said in broken English “Some things…too strong.” That’s when I realized the mohair suit was the sartorial equivalent of ME and therefore he was a terribly terribly stylish man ;)

  31. Meg

    My cousin Abby is the most stylish woman I know. On her, even the simplest thing looks like the most haute designer piece. I worship her!

  32. Katie Armour Post author

    Sarah — I have seen that book and am tempted to buy a copy as well! Thank you for sharing. It looks so great, doesn’t it?! xx

    Esther — Facebook or not, I say you’ve officially entered because it’s my contest and well, I can : ) Thank you for your sweet comment. Cheers to you! xo

    Kinkle — That is such a cute story! He is a lucky guy that husband of yours! xx

  33. Mackenzie {Design Darling}

    I just suggested your page to a few of my girlfriends! The most stylish person I know is my grandmother — who goes by Grandy since she feels “Grandma” makes her sound old — who is 84 but young at heart. She has to hang with the 60-year-olds in her townhouse complex in Florida because no one her age can keep up! She does daily water aerobics and gets lunch with her girlfriends daily… She’s living the life! I’ve coveted this trio forever and would love for them to wind up underneath my tree : )

  34. Melissa

    As a grade 5 teacher, sometimes my students are my greatest inspiration! Some of the older teachers/administrators discourage kids from wearing what makes them feel special- frankly I love when they have the courage to wear that dress they love, or the arm warmers they feel bad ass in, or get dressed “for no reason.”

    These books would be indispensable for me.
    -Luck to all!

  35. jenn

    I found your blog quite by accident–I was looking for short haircuts and a picture of you and your pug popped up in my Google images. I have been hooked ever since :)

    The most stylish person in my life is my 10 year old daughter, Mairi Scarlett. She prefers vintage Barbie to modern Barbie, loves to read Nancy Drew mysteries, and collects white gloves…she has quite a collection. She loves to go antiquing and always has fashion advice for her old mom.

    These books would be a perfect prize for my girl.

  36. Rebekah

    My best friend Lauren is uber stylish — she even has a fairly successful style blog! Her style isn’t exactly my style, but she inspiress me to be brave in my own style!

  37. Sherri

    my mom has taught me to never leave the house without earrings! and to never leave without making the bed, but i don’t know if that’s considered stylish

  38. Lindsey

    oooooh. love, love, love these!

    the most stylish person in my life is my four-year-old neice ava- never without the perfect accessory or coordinating headband.

  39. Alyse

    I officially ‘like’ Matchbook on Facebook! Kate Spade is absolutely adorable and I LOVE her style. These books would be fantastic to own.
    My roommate is a big inspiration right now because she is not afraid to be bold and wear statement pieces, while still keeping her style classic and clean.

  40. Kate

    I wish there was a “love” button for Matchbook on Facebook, but I settled for a “like” — you ladies are keeping me entertained with your tumblr so far!

    My sister is my style icon — whenever I read something in a magazine or on a blog and think, who could wear that? I know the answer is my sister. She’s the only person I could gift harem pants to for Christmas and be over the moon to receive them!

  41. Jasmine

    Yay contests!

    The person who has most influenced my style is a very special man. Since meeting him I’ve dressed for myself. Flattering my body, staying practical, and dressing for the occasion, are now at the front of my mind when I get dressed in the morning. Feeling beautiful is the most important part of style and he’s helped me feel that way sincerely.

    It’s a sappy answer, but it’s true. :)

  42. Lisa

    Liked on Facebook, and the most stylish people in my life are the ones I’ve discovered through blogging. I am amazed every single day at the beauty fellow bloggers find through personal style, home decor, art, and just the world around in general. I love going through my Reader each day and seeing all the bits of inspiration from stylish people around the world.

    Thanks for this opportunity, and I can’t wait to read Matchbook!

  43. Kendra

    Mmm. Certainly my mother. She has a certain bit of effortlessness to her that I have been trying to mimic for years, but haven’t quite been able to put my finger on. She’s helped me to hone my own personal sense of style by encouraging me to take what I’m already naturally drawn to (say, sailor stripes) and taking it a bit outside the box (like perhaps adding a tasteful, yet surprising feather headband).

    I can’t wait for the first issue! Thanks for being a highlight to my day.

  44. BAH

    My boss … I don’t know how she does it, but she manages to make anything look chic – even yoga pants and sneakers!

    And I already like Matchbook on Facebook :)

  45. Lauren

    A friend of mine always looks perfect and so well put together whether she has tried or not. It does not matter if she is driving carpool, running errands or hosting a dinner party she always looks impeccable. The right outfit, jewelry etc. Her home always looks amazing and it decorated to perfection and everything has it’s place yet you can go in and plop your feet up on the coffee table if you want. She just exudes style and chic!

  46. Becca

    My beautiful grandmother. She grew up in war occupied Japan and her family lost nearly everything. She had to be resourceful and created the most beautiful outfits by hand. I just love looking through her old photographs! Which reminds me I need to do a post on that soon!

    xx Becca
    (PS already a fan on facebook!)

  47. Laurel

    My Granddad is one of the most stylish people I know.
    Every time I see him wearing his vintage white dinner jacket it makes me dream of all the fabulous places that jacket has been – from cocktail parties to garden soirees, from rooftop galas to cruise ship balls – I can only imagine. Cheers to the most stylish man I know!

  48. Missy H

    Elegance is my grandmother…never having a lot she told me that I could wear a potato sack and still be elegant-it’s all in the way you carry yourself. Remember 3 things: good manners, good posture, and the beautiful smile god blessed you with.

  49. Sarah

    Definitely my mum. She has a fantastic sense of what is classically stylish. She never fails to hand me something off of the rack that I NEVER would have chosen for myself, yet ends up being perfect!

  50. Victoria

    A stylish person in my life, hmmmm, there are several. I think the person who taught me most about personal style would have to be my Abuelita or Nana as I call her. She taught me the following premise that has stayed with me for my entire life, she said “V, if you need new pants you buy one pair of good-quality pants. Pants that fit your perfectly and you wear those everyday if they are the only pants you have.” Basically she taught me the concept of quality over quantity. Plus she was never under dressed.


  51. lindsey

    Definitely my future mother in law. (Not that my mom isn’t fabulous herself) but my future mother in law does it to the top. she is always looking so chic and fabulous, and for every holiday her table/house is decorated so perfectly. I hope that all of her tendencies will rub off on me! xoxo

  52. kiri woods

    my mother is the stylish person in my life – our dressing styles are not always compatable but “she’s got it” her home is nothing short of spectacular!!

  53. Kappy

    My style inspiration has always been my maternal grandmother. She is a Southern Lady of the old school and since I was a child has always advised me on things like polite conversation and how to write thank you cards. She taught me that manners & style are more important than who your family is or how much money you make. If you are polite and genuine with grace and confidence, you can delight any society.

  54. Sarah York

    I just “liked” Matchbook mag on facebook! Can’t wait to see the premier issue in January! Hmm, my sister always inspires me and has similar taste, so I love to talk about clothes and fashion with her.

  55. Monique

    I love the style all around me! My friends, magazines, people on the street – there is so much to take in and to make my own! There are so many taste-makers out there, and I love to hear from them all!

  56. Trista

    I “liked” you & shared with others. I love my cousin Shana’s style. She’s always daring to try new lipstick colors.

  57. Vivian

    I just “liked” you on facebook, I can’t wait to read Matchbook.

    The most stylish person in my life is certainly my Mom. She always looks effortlessly beautiful, and even creates most of her jewelry by hand. She has also taught me how to be a modern lady, which is the most stylish thing of all!



  58. ashley

    I will share the matchbook love with the rest of my friends :)
    my girlfriend cydney is surely one of the most stylish people in my life, and through our 15 year friendship her style has surely evolved- now she runs two stores packed with fabulous designer clothes and is currently obsessed with fur. her outfits are always inspired and oh so fun :)

  59. Blair

    I have always been impressed by my co-workers at J.Crew. We have an abundance of stylish clothes around us at all times, but they always manage to take things up a notch by wearing pieces in an unpredictable way.

  60. elizabeth

    these books are to die for.

    the most stylish person i’ve ever known is my beautiful younger sister, sarah. with an aesthetic polar opposite of my own, she wears bright colors and amazing fabrics with such casual ease. as a young mom, she never fails to pair her inherent classiness with practical comfort (and she dresses her gorgeous son in the same bright and beautiful way). far from materialistic or fussy, she has an incredible knack for making a $5 consignment find look like a million bucks, and as an ex-ballerina, she just oozes grace.

    i think grace is key to style. and sarah is such a stylish marvel.

  61. Brigid

    My mother is lovely. She has always loved white turtlenecks and used to grab our earlobes if we tried to walk out the door without taking the time to put in a pair of (simple, usually pearl) studs. To this day I feel naked if I somehow forget earrings.

    Thanks for being a delightful diversion…

  62. Melissa

    I just ‘liked’ Matchbook on facebook. Can’t wait for the first issue! I’m constantly inspired by everyone on the streets of NYC. Everyone seems to have their own signature style. While there are trends, there is such diversity and people have so much fun. I love it!

  63. Katrina

    Hello! Just ‘liked’ Matchbook – am really looking forward to its arrival into the world :) One of my favourite stylish people is a friend of mine who always seems to make people feel special and at ease, often purchasing surprise presents or dropping off meals when people are feeling sick and / or snowed under with work.

  64. paula

    I must say my late grandmother. she always wore the most perfect pair of sunglasses, owned so many hats I could never keep up, and wore a scarf almost daily. She bought me my first scarf which happened to be hermes because at the time I was obsessed with horses :)

  65. heather

    my best friend, roommate, and basically love of my life is incredibly stylish. in college, she introduced me to the concept of branding yourself, and while i’m still working on figuring out my brand, she has hers down better than anyone i know!

    BONUS: she introduced me to the neo-traditionalist and is probably reading this comment right now!

  66. Erica Tighe

    The most stylish person that I have known was my Mimi. She passed away two weeks ago (as of 1 hour from now). So far as we are cleaning out her house, we have given away 45 pairs of shoes just from her living room area!!! A few months ago I found a book at Crew Cuts called Mimi’s Shoes all about a little girl and her grandmother who taught her all about shoes. I mailed it to my Mimi as she did exactly that for me. At work they called her the fashion police and on her lunch break she would go shopping for the other ladies, come back and make them try the things on and let them take home what looked good on them. She was such an amazing shopper and truly embodied the beauty of the 50’s. I am so grateful that she taught my mother, and in turn me, all about design and fashion. Thank you for this tiny opportunity for me to reflect on her elegant style. I wish I could attach a photo for you!!!!


    PS I see your web designer is named Tighe, which is my last name and I have never seen as a first name before!

  67. Melanie

    “Like” Matchbook on Facebook? Check!
    Love (no quotes) Matchbook in real life? OH yes!

    I believe there are different types of style and I’m not very good at picking favorites.

    My sister Erica, for example, is an absolute star shine: she embodies champagne and sequins in all she wears, does, and loves. Always bubbly, bright, and inviting, I absolutely love the style she exudes as she exists.

    My friend Alison, on the other hand, embodies a style of writing that I simply adore ( and Matt Schwatz has a flair for photography ( My mother in her mannerisms, my father in his work–I find myself surrounded by people whose style I admire!

  68. Melanie

    “Like” Matchbook on Facebook? Check!
    Love (no quotes) Matchbook in real life? OH yes!

    I believe there are different types of style and I’m not very good at picking favorites.

    My sister Erica, for example, is an absolute star shine: she embodies champagne and sequins in all she wears, does, and loves. Always bubbly, bright, and inviting, I absolutely love the style she exudes as she exists.

    My friend Alison, on the other hand, embodies a style of writing that I simply adore (; Matt Schwatz has a flair for photography (, and my friend’s sister Sara for design ( My mother in her mannerisms, my father in his work – I find myself surrounded by people whose style I admire!

  69. Kelsey

    I’ve always admired the style of my best friend, since we met in elementary school. With flaming red hair and a great sense of color, texture, and layering, she’s always been able to put a unique spin on any look. It’s just a pleasure to have such a chic friend. :)

  70. Kristina

    The most stylish woman I knew was my grandmother. She spent most of her life on a dairy farm. Although she didn’t have a lot of places to go to dress up,that didn’t stop her from buying stylish pieces. She taught me that if you find something you love, buy it more than one color and that every shopping trip should involve buying a pair of shoes and perhaps a matching bag :) Without fail, I always get compliments when I wear her costume jewelry.

  71. Moira

    Well, I don’t have facebook, but I would like to be entered in your drawing. My sister is the most stylish person I know – since early high school, she has been wearing her look – changed slightly since then – I don’t know how she does it….

    Have you heard of the book “The Art of Wife-dressing”?

    It is a neat book on fashion, what to have and what not, and simply being well-dressed. And it definitely applies, whether your married or not, to develop your own sense of style.

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  72. Cory Anna

    Thank you for the offer! I just “liked” MatchbookMag and am eagerly aniticipating greatness for 2011… :) A stylish person in my life would have to be my mother. She continues to impress me with her ability to throw things together in such a classic, simple, yet magnificent and charming way. That speaks for her home and her attire, but the most stylish thing about her is her southern graciousness and hospitality. Love her!

  73. Kari A

    I have a very stylish best friend – Becca. She and I met in grad school and became fast friends once we realized that we had the same taste (we were both wearing the same pair of red boots!) and dreams – to move to New York. Well we moved here 7.5 years ago. We lived a stylish life together in Manhattan, then apart – for a man, then together in Brooklyn, then apart – for a different man. Now I am recently married and she just moved back home to Alabama. I would love to win these, and send her the “Style” book. I will keep “Manners” for myself and we can pledge to switch off the “Occasions” whenever we see each other. They aren’t the red boots, but it would be nice to share something again.

  74. lily

    My best friend is by far one of the most stylish people I know – she has her entire aesthetic down to a t, and keeps it so elegantly simple. While I pride myself on my own eclectic and sometimes edgy style, I constantly look to her pulled-together glamour for inspiration.

  75. Cathy

    I’m a fan on Facebook!

    I have a good friend that is by far the most stylish person I know. She is always so put together and always knows how to layer her pieces and mixes her colours beautifully!

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