The Classics

I was just admiring these simple classics from Tiffany’s and thinking about how much I prefer yellow gold these days.  When I was in high school it was all the rage to have Tiffany’s silver pieces, but as I’ve grown up I’ve definitely come to prefer the warmer tones.  It’s still fun to save all my silver items for my future daughter though!  What about you, are you a yellow gold, silver or platinum kinda gal?

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  1. Kelly Anne

    I’ve made the same progression. 10 years ago, I thought of yellow gold with the same shudder of horror that accompanied contemplation of my mother’s collection of sequined sweaters with sewn-in shoulder pads. But gold has grown on me, and now I wear a tiny gold necklace that never comes off.

    I had a pair of itty-bitty diamond studs (mounted in gold) that my mother passed to me. My dad had given them to her early in their marriage. They were from Tiffany’s, the only thing he could afford from there at the time. One of the earrings vanished a couple years ago (they’re so small that it could have been lost in the carpet pile or vacuumed up, for all I could tell) and it basically broke my heart. Its companion lives in the little felt bag it came in, and I know that someday someone who loves me is going to replace the one I lost. And it will be the best Christmas ever.

  2. Rachel

    I’ve turned gold, as well! I always thought gold was gaudy (I point to my grandmother’s Las Vegas style for that) … until I moved to Charleston and went ring-shopping with my darling. We wandered into this estate jewelry store, and I fell in LOVE with this elongated-oval, super thing gold band ring. I’ve been gold ever since! These earrings are so feminine, and definitely winter holiday-èsque!

  3. Lena

    I am such a gold girl, but it probably has something to do with my allergic reaction to silver! When I was a kid, I absolutely couldn’t stand silver earrings, so my jewelry collection naturally grew in gold pieces!

  4. Katie Armour Post author

    Kelly Anne — That is the sweetest story I’ve ever heard. I hope that day comes soon. You deserve it!! xoxxoxo

    Alessandra — Exactly! They’re worth the splurge because you can wear them forever. Or so I tell myself ; )

    Rachel — You crack me up! I’m glad we’re on the same page. Gold converts unite : )

    Lena — I wish I were allergic to silver! My jewelry collection would be far more impressive! xx

  5. Cara-Mia

    I’ve always been a big fan of gold! I wear it WAY more often than I wear silver/white gold. (Don’t own any platinum haha.) There’s just something about warmer tones… :)

  6. Heather of The Glad Girl

    Count me in with the Golden Girls! And a relatively recent convert too. I think part of it is the warmth but also that silver is so prevalent that gold feels both traditional and classic but also fresh. And if you tend toward vintage accessories, you learn to love gold.

  7. Lindsay

    I’m definitely more of a gold girl although I do remember going through a serious Tiffany silver phase! All of the earrings you’ve posted are absolute must haves! xo

  8. Elizabeth Rose

    Funny about this story because my mom insisted that I order a gold high school ring. I wasn’t happy about it at the time, but now I’m really pleased that I did. It may not be anything special like a family heirloom, but whenever I do wear that ring it reminds me of all the wonderful times in high school.

  9. Joanna

    In high school, I was the same way: all about silver. But these days all I wear is gold. I think it’s more flattering on my skin and so much prettier than silver or platinum.

    It’s funny how your taste changes as you grow older. I think a lot of it also has to do with the hangover we all endured from all that 80’s excess and bling; it was too much and in the 90’s gold became thought of as vulgar and tasteless. Fast forward to the early 2000’s when gold is used in a more simple, tasteful, and organic way. I now find it utterly timeless, elegant, and beautiful.

  10. geri

    back in the day, uh oh, i guess i just dated myself, yellow gold was the rage. then, somewhere along the line it switched to platinum, and now it is back to yellow gold. i too caved and went with the trends, but i now see a lot of mixing of the two. what is your opinion on that look!

  11. Newly Domesticated

    ditto here, too! I agree with the last commenter…I think we all got turned off of the horrible gold chains they sell at the mall jewelry stores. When my husband proposed, I was a little horrified he’d picked a yellow gold ring, but he told me it was because he thought I was a classic girl, and it would look great against my skin. He was right, and now I’ve found I prefer delicate little gold things over silver.

  12. Dalia

    I went through a rose gold phase briefly its still interesting for a change depending on what you wear with it, but i definitely prefer gold over silver looks more elegant

  13. Silvia

    When I was in high school I loved white gold but now that I’m older I enjoy yellow and rose gold more. To me they’re so classic and look great with almost every skin color. Love it

  14. ACH

    I wore silver exclusively…until I received a yellow gold engagement ring (which was originally his grandmother’s!). I am slowly adding some more yellow gold to my collection; T teases and calls me a “Gold Digger!”

  15. Hanna

    I remember distinctly telling my mother that gold was how you say “lame” as we stood over the counter looking at the tiffany knots at 14… came out with the sterling silver… regrets regrets…

  16. PJ

    I was the same way in high school – silver jewelry exclusively. I even had the Tiffany bean necklace in silver and a pair of silver knot earrings. Now I almost always wear gold – except for my engagement ring and wedding band, which are palladium. I also have a fondness for rose gold.

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