12 comments on “Classic Kindle Case

  1. Kit

    Kate Spade could make me want anything! I am laughing as I imagine Kate Spade designing an arm cast and girls everywhere throwing themselves into anything to get one!

    xo Kit

  2. Sarah@goingstarfishing

    you might have just convinced me!

    …i have been totally anti-e-reader since my husband brought one home this summer (the whole hot/academic/bookworm thing is lost without the smell of the paper, the dog ears, etc. and replaced by the subtle glow of a screen, you know?)

    but that great gatsby cover? helloooo….

  3. Jeanne McKay Hartmann

    Oh, love! I’ve been looking for a case for my Kindle, but hadn’t found one I liked — I’ve been toting mine around in a Lanvin shoe bag! But these are lovely. The pink and red is my favorite… and I think I just figured out what I’m getting my impossible to by for friend for Christmas…Thanks!!!

  4. Lena

    These adorable cases might just be the very best reason to get an e-reader! Something about a book on a screen makes me feel uncomfortable…I like something I can scribble in!

  5. Kate

    I was torn on the kindle — I love having my stacks of books all around the apartment — but these cases are shifting my alliance!

  6. chelsea

    Is it wrong that I chose the Nook over the Kindle because I could get a Kate Spade case for it? These are so completely adorable. I love the Great Gatsby case. I’m still disappointed the book clutch didn’t really turn out that well, so maybe I can fit my Nook in this one…

  7. royaltygirl

    I love my nook color! It is like an ipad but for reading. You can browse the internet, email, twitter and facebook etc. and read a book or magazine in full color. The biggest problem is that there is not a kate spade cover yet for the nook color. I was told it will be coming out in January so I am holding my breath for a cover like one of the book clutches! I hope,hope,hope!

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