Happy 235th Ms. Austen!

In celebration of Ms. Jane Austen’s 235th birthday I thought I ought to throw together a little post of my favorite Austen-inspired items on Etsy.  Some serious, some silly.  Enjoy!  1) An original Elizabeth Bennett painting. 2) Letterpress Austen quotation coasters. 3) Embroidered unrequited love handkerchief.  4) A silly print.  5) Silhouette bookends. 6) Another silly print.  7) A complete Mr. Darcy costume (oh Etsy, how I love thee…).

9 comments on “Happy 235th Ms. Austen!

  1. Katie Armour Post author

    Chelsea — Was waiting for someone to mention the costume. Isn’t it hilarious? I wonder what I would have to do to get Mr. Armour to wear it next halloween…haha. Brilliant. xx

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