Love Notes

I write about a lot of things I “love” on this blog, but this stationery designed by Emily Ranneby I absolutely, positively ADORE.  The clean black and white palette is right up my alley and I am charmed by their decidely French flourish.  In fact, I think I may ask for a set of each for Christmas.  Fingers crossed Mr. Armour is reading…

19 comments on “Love Notes

  1. Kristin Kerr

    I have a slight obsession with bows…just ordered the cutest bow necklace off etsy. Looks like I might have to add a set of the bow stationary to my growing collection. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Esther

    I love everything about personalized stationery. It makes correspondence that much more meaningful and special. Your super-sleuth capabilities never cease to amaze me. You unearth the most adorable things that we all end up coveting. These are so crisp and charming. Makes penning notes that much more fun. Thank you for sharing your marvelous finds.

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