The Prettiest Pillows

How is it that no one has yet snatched up these darling pillows by my treasure trove of a sponsor Estate Eclectic?  I was ready to (and nearly jumped up and down with excitement) until I realized they’re far too large for our sofa (it’s tiny and tragically calls for something of a smaller scale).  So here I am sharing my treasure with all of you…don’t those pink roses make for perfection on a pillow?  I could cry.

7 comments on “The Prettiest Pillows

  1. Sally

    These remind me a lot of a Kate Spade print that she did a few years ago that I have a cosmetic bag in (got it eons ago)! It had a light blue background though!

    Love the pillows!


  2. EMILY

    Oh I do love these. And yes, agree about the Kate Spade print AND I have an ancient Milly dress with a similiar rose pattern as well.

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