Care to join me for drinks?

On Friday January 7th I’m going to be meeting my friends Caitlin and Taylor for casual drinks in the city and I thought it might be fun to invite all of you!  I’ve lived in the bay area for nearly sixth months, but don’t make it out with the girls nearly as often as I’d like.  Let’s make this epic!  We’ll be meeting at 6:30 at Taverna Aventine and will be there mingling for a couple hours at least.  If you’re free and live in the area do stop in and introduce yourself!  Oh and don’t worry, I’ll bring plenty of Matchbooks ; )

P.S.  Did I mention Amanda will be there and Michal is probably flying up from LA?  And I’m talking “my big sis” Catherine into joining too, she just doesn’t know it yet!


37 comments on “Care to join me for drinks?

  1. Katie Armour Post author

    Dancing Branflake — We meet at last! I’m so glad you can make it! I rarely drink and would probably prefer a shirley temple as well…we’re so sophisticated ; ) xoxo

  2. Roxy

    ughhh!! I’m so jealous! Unfortunately the east coast is a little too far away! Speaking of cocktails…I feel like it would so Matchbook (and Betty Draper!) to have a vintage cocktail like a gimlet or a French 75!

  3. Katie Armour Post author

    Stylish Bird — Bells!? YES!!!

    Meg — We wish you were closer! You’ll be there in spirit : )

    Rikshaw — I cannot wait to see this.

    Angela — Would love to see you!

  4. EMILY

    KATIE! Count me in! We actually just had our agency’s holiday party at that location. I’m SO excited to finally meet you! YAY for bubbley and new bossom buddies!

  5. Pollyalexandra

    I want to come! Sadly the trip across the pond from London is just a little too far – big BOOO – but keep up the great work on your wonderful blog! It rocks my little world. Lots of love x

  6. Amanda

    This is very timely as I just found out I am moving to San Francisco from AZ and barely know a soul. Can’t wait!

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