Ladurée Love

Apparently I’m still five-years-old because I when I saw these darling Ladurée stickers on the Opening Ceremony website I instantly had to have them.  Did you know the famed French pâtisserie is now selling stationery, notebooks, stickers, gift bags and candles?  It’s all too much!

7 comments on “Ladurée Love

  1. Elizabeth Rose

    I remember going to Laduree on my first trip to Paris and it was instantly my favorite place. I wish they would open a place like that here. Now visions of macaroons are dancing through my thoughts…:)

  2. Jenn

    brilliant. Out of all the places in CH, Ladurée was the last place I went in Zurich before heading back to the US for good

  3. Karissa

    I actually bought a charm bracelet at Laduree containing charms of their various offerings (macaroons, cakes, etc.). They are clearly branching out, but I am NOT complaining!

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