Like Our New Business Cards?

I thought you ladies might enjoy the Matchbook Magazine team’s latest creation, pretty darn clever, right?!  My brilliant co-founder, Jane Lilly Warren, designed them (the girl is a genius) and we had thousands printed.  The back of each matchbook has our email and web address and the inside cover reads “From lipstick to letterpress, gelato to grosgrain, and Paris to Peru, consider us your field guide to a charmed life!”  We each have our own traditional business cards, but I’ve found myself handing out more matchbooks than anything else!  Do you approve?

48 comments on “Like Our New Business Cards?

  1. Christina

    Katie,they are super cute.I would even pay the shipping just to have one and I wouldn’t touch it.I only use the ugly ones to light my candles. Have a great christmas! Ciao

  2. Roxy

    I saw this on your facebook page and like I said so charming! Can’t wait for the mag, Katie! p.s. I know you probably got more exciting goodies after your Kate Spade dinner (you lucky duck!) but I’m giving away the fabulous Jenny Bowers illustrated calendar if it tickles your fancy! ;)

  3. mary

    HOW CLEVER! If you send me some in an envelope, I’ll distribute them to my friends- I am so proud of you, and know that this venture will be a HUGE success!!!!!

  4. Edwina

    I’ve just discovered your blog and I adore it – and im so excited to read through all your old posts as well as all the new ones!
    Im also obsessed with collecting matches and I would absolutely love to add the fabulous Matchbook business card to my collection.

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