19 comments on “Look Mom, I’m famous!

  1. Katie Armour Post author

    Haydee — I’m so glad you like them! We’re so tickled to have the opportunity! xo

    Jane — We are such nerds. Love you. Go team!!!

    Meagan — Thank you! You’re too sweet! xo

  2. Lena

    Is it wrong that I know that very iPhone cover is in my stocking? And so exciting to be featured-that might be the best Christmas gift of all!

  3. quintessence

    Such a wonderful development (already!) for the Matchbook team! Especially love that wonderful stapler – you could never be in a bad mood in your office with that little accoutrement looking up at you!!

  4. Julia

    This is absolutely amazing!! The Nars lipstick is fabulous-I may have to scoop it up! Can’t wait for the first issue!!

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