Look Mom, I’m famous!

Want to know Matchbook’s favorite stocking stuffers?  Head on over to The Huffington Post!  We’re thrilled to be blogging for their style section.  Hope you enjoy! xoxo

P.S. (ahhhhhhhhhhhh!!!)

19 comments on “Look Mom, I’m famous!

  1. Katie Armour Post author

    Haydee — I’m so glad you like them! We’re so tickled to have the opportunity! xo

    Jane — We are such nerds. Love you. Go team!!!

    Meagan — Thank you! You’re too sweet! xo

  2. Lena

    Is it wrong that I know that very iPhone cover is in my stocking? And so exciting to be featured-that might be the best Christmas gift of all!

  3. quintessence

    Such a wonderful development (already!) for the Matchbook team! Especially love that wonderful stapler – you could never be in a bad mood in your office with that little accoutrement looking up at you!!

  4. Julia

    This is absolutely amazing!! The Nars lipstick is fabulous-I may have to scoop it up! Can’t wait for the first issue!!

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