Oh The Memories…

Whenever I find myself admiring a colorful Pucci scarf I am reminded of a certain afternoon in which Jane Lilly Warren and I jumped the train to Milan for lunch.  We lived in Switzerland’s lake region just north of the fashion capital and made the short trip often (detours to Como were another favorite!).  After a scrumptious lunch (proscuitto and melon anyone?) we ducked into Pucci and each splurged on a small twill scarf.  Jane wore hers during one of Matchbook’s shoots in New York this month and seeing it again made me smile.  Such a sweet memento of our years abroad…  Now, when to make a return visit?  I think a Matchbook field trip is in order!  Who’s with me?

5 comments on “Oh The Memories…

  1. Roxy

    One special special day in NYC while perusing Mood for my next school project…I stumbled upon a whole bin of Emilio Pucci fabrics- discontinued and discounted! What luck! I was on it like a bee to honey hahah Adore Pucci :)

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