Girl Crush: Elle Fanning

I don’t know how I missed these shots of the darling Elle Fanning at the Venice Film Festival.  How adorable are her glasses and mini skirt?  I love that she always seems to be genuinely beaming.  What a cutie!

(images: The Fashion Spot)

7 comments on “Girl Crush: Elle Fanning

  1. The Broke Socialite

    I’m going to date myself here, Katie, but I actually grew up and went to high school with Elle’s (and Dakota’s) Mom and Aunt. We’re from the same hometown here in Georgia. She comes from a long line of fashionistas/beautiful women. Her Grandmama, MJ, STILL looks like the beauty queen that she was. They are good people…the whole family. Cute pics, sure enough.

  2. sharon

    elle and dakota are a wonderful breath of fresh air. especially since my generation (miley cyrus, etc) have been causing bad press for us.

  3. Abby

    Does anyone know what brand those glasses are? I’m sure they might be from some fashion designer, but I don’t know who is the one!

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