7 comments on “Needlepoint Key Fobs

  1. Danielle

    Love Smathers and Branson! My high school English professor’s son co-founded the business–they do wonderful custom work, and I always pick up a little something of theirs every Christmas at my alma mater’s Christmas Bazaar. Besides their adorable animal designs, they do fantastic old-school collegiate items- my boyfriend loves his needlepoint Virginia flask-how retro!

  2. ginnybranch stelling

    i have never even heard of these until i saw your post! then i had lunch today with my mother and 102 year old grandmother and noticed my mother had a Georgia Tech needlepoint key fob from S&B! (she’s going to swap it out for a needlepoint american flag one)

    what a coincidence!

    p.s my older sister reads your blog now too and loves it!

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