Our Very First Interview!

You may have noticed the Matchbook team hinting at a little surprise today—this is it!  The lovely Lindsay of The Pursuit of Style (formerly Starfish and Sundresses) asked to interview us for an exclusive podcast on her new blog and we had such fun!  We were all a bit nervous at first (it’s so bizarre to hear oneself on air…), but I think by the end our individual personalities succeeded in revealing themselves.  I hope you enjoy the interview and that it gives you a better idea as to what Matchbook will be about.  Jane, Fallon and I are beyond excited for January and so very thankful for all your support!

(photo: cassia beck)

16 comments on “Our Very First Interview!

  1. Corinna

    I loved it! So great Mrs. Armour!

    I sure hope I can make it to the meet-up next week, but I’ll be heading down to Santa Barbara that evening, so if I miss it, know I wish I could be there!


    p.s. Town and Country was the first magazine subscription I purchased, so I was excited to hear Matchbook has a similar ethos!

  2. Sylvie of silver lining

    what a terrific interview, Katie! I’m so thrilled for you, Jane and fallon! Matchbook is going to be amazing!
    Sylvie of silver lining

  3. Katie Armour Post author

    Ahhh thank you ladies!!! SO tickled by your comments. I felt more than a bit ridiculous listening to myself afterwards, but I’m pleased with the final result. Go team Matchbook! January can’t come soon enough : )


  4. geri

    just listened to your podcast katie! i was so impressed with all of you girls. you are all so knowledgeable and articulate. it really makes me want to buff up on my history! loved hearing the process of how the catch phase and title of the magazine culminated. my favorite though, hearing what a thoughtful person you are katie and how what drives you, is knowing that you are connecting with your readers! absolutely thrilled for you!

  5. Katie Armour Post author

    Geri — Your thoughtful comments never fail to make me blush! I’m so glad you picked up on my comment about doing it for the readers. I think it’s easy to forget that fact, but at Matchbook we really allow it to drive our creative process. We are working hard to write and edit pieces we know our readers will love. If not, what would be the point? Can’t thank you enough for your ongoing support, Geri. It means so much to me. xo Katie

  6. Mariel

    Yay! Such a fun, thoughtful podcast. So nice to get to know you all a little better, and what a well-spoken group! I am truly looking forward to the launch of Matchbook. I think the interactive portions of the magazine like podcasts, video and even the meetup you’re doing next week are all going to be great additions to the editorial portion. The world of online publications is so new and ripe for innovation! Will be fun to see how Matchbook plays with the platform.

  7. The Zhush

    Loved the interview so much. I remember discovering your blog through the Plucky Pioneer bio you did of Heather of HC, and then discovering Fallon’s blog, through her behind the curtain interview of YOU…so I’m already so invested in this joint venture. I just know Matchbook will be a huge success!

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