Matchbook Rings in the New Year

Just had to let you know that the latest Matchbook slideshow is live on the Huffington Post!  Won’t you help us ring in the New Year on a high note by rating our slides a 10?  Dying to hear what you think of our picks?!  xo

P.S. On another note, you can always drop by Strikes Our Fancy for lots of fun updates!  I’ve been up since 4:30am adding things—I fear I’m addicted!

7 comments on “Matchbook Rings in the New Year

  1. sharon

    i’m so excited for the new year for you katie! i cannot wait to see matchbook mag come to life in january. being an addicted reader of your blog, i’m jumping up and down in excitement!

  2. Jill

    Aw, just catching up on your blog – love this slideshow! I have the Arabelle dress and the gold Essie polish. Want the Kate Spade shoes like whoa!

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