In 2011 I resolve to…

Buy more fresh blooms.

Read one thought-provoking book per week.

Incorporate more color into my wardrobe.

Rise at 5am or earlier each morning.

Take a trip somewhere thrilling and new.

Adopt a second pug.

Write more handwritten notes.

Spend more time at the beach.

Finish decorating our little home.

Edit my wardrobe.  Edit, edit, edit!

Drink more water.

Tell my readers how much I love them (I ADORE YOU!).

Learn how to cook something (anything really…).

Use cloth napkins like proper grown-ups.

And last but certainly not least…

launch the loveliest online magazine you ever did see!

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15 comments on “In 2011 I resolve to…

  1. Nancy

    I am with you on everything but the 5 am wake-up call! I adore my sleep, but when I do wake up, I adore looking at your blog! I am counting the hours, nay, the minutes, until Matchbook comes out! Happy New Year!

  2. Katie Armour Post author

    Amber — I’m an early bird, we’re an odd bunch, I know… Happy New Year to you as well! xo

    Nancy — Thank you so much for your excitement over Matchbook! You get plenty of sleep, we want healthy, happy readers : )

    Caitlin — I hope Mr. Eric can be convinced!!! And yes to a cooking lesson. I’ll stand by with a class of bubbly and watch you slave over the stove : )

  3. caroline

    I love this! Especially the handwritten notes part … I truly think it is soon to be a lost art maybe not though. There is something so beautiful about a sweet sentiment that is handwritten. Just added your blog to my blog roll as I frequent it everyday and it brings me so much joy! Happy New Year! xo

  4. Ami

    That’s a wonderful list!

    We get up very early around here and I love it…the early morning quiet is like nothing else!

    Cheers to you and yours for a fabulous new year and especially for the forthcoming Matchbook Magazine!!

  5. Kit

    I wish you all of the best in 2011!!! I am sure you will have great success. You are lovely and genuine….and I like you so much without even knowing you!

    Health, Happiness and Peace!

    xoxo Kit

  6. Cate

    Once Matchbook launches, will you still be doing your Neo Trad blogs ?
    Oh I hope so !! I love them so much.
    Happy New Year!! And may 2011 be filled with style and grace for us all !

  7. Cookie and Kate

    One book per week?! Where do you find the time? If you’re looking for something easy to cook, please visit my blog for ideas. TRUST me, if I can cook it, you can, too! Happy New Year, Katie!

  8. Emma Kisstina

    Before 5am? What is wrong with you? hehe I have set my alarm at 8am for weeks now and haven’t gotten up then once. But now I have some motivation… since I am always complaining about there not being enough hours in the day.

  9. Melissa

    Wonderful list! I love your resolution to buy more fresh blooms. I always want to, but never do. I think this year I’ll make a point to do that too! Last year I decided to write at least one letter/note/thank you card per week to someone. It was great, because it encouraged me to keep up with out of town friends and people told me all year how much they loved getting “real” mail.

  10. Emily Elizabeth

    Definitely with you on waking up earlier, I spent too much time in bed last year! The handwritten notes are a great idea too, I had so much fun with my thank you notes over the past year, and they justify my ever-growing collection of stationary!
    I’m also including “invite friends over for dinner more often” to my list. We live in a tiny apartment, but that’s no excuse!

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