Crushing on Ira

You may or may not know that I love and adore the National Public Radio program This American Life.  Mr. Armour and I always listen to hours of their podcasts on road trips and the host, Ira Glass, is a favorite.  This “Mrs. Ira Glass” tote bag made me laugh out loud and the greeting card is pretty clever too.  Any fellow NPR fans reading?

10 comments on “Crushing on Ira

  1. Katie Armour Post author

    Grant — That is too funny! I saw him in passing at the Anthology/West Elm party and come to think of it, he totally does! SO cute.

    Lauren — Nerds unite : )

  2. Erica Vanessa

    Oh, you’re not alone. I had the priviledge of seeing him at a lecture series in Dallas, and let me tell you: I left that auditorium with a giggling school girl worthy crush. Wooh! What a charming man. 30 more minutes till TAML plays on the KERA 90.1!

  3. mae

    love him!! and i love radiolab also, this american life and radiolab are my go-to programs at work!

    happy new year katie!

  4. Frances

    Katie you are going to die but he was a celebrity guest judge at the West Village Dog Halloween spectacular! He is surprisingly kind of hot and so nice! MOVE TO NYC!

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